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2020 GMC 1500 AT4

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Yesterday was my first time driving my truck in snow and my wiper blades froze to the windshield.  It wasn't snowing real hard, and it's garage kept, so I started with a clean windshield.  The whole defroster and wiper design is terrible.  The defroster vent sits high on the dashboard, so it misses the lower few inches.  But then the wipers sit so low on the windshield that it is actually below where the windshield and dashboard meet.  So even if the defroster did blow lower, the dashboard still blocks the air from getting down there.  There is no way I see to heat that part of the windshield or the wipers.  You can see it in the pic.  Luckily I was close to home, but I would think on a longer trip the only way to take care of it would be to pull over and spray de-icer on it or clear it by hand.  But even when it did come free, the wipers worked for crap because they were frozen solid.  

The only other thing I can think of is installing some kind of defogger strips like the rear windows have, but I don't see anything like that online.  I felt it was such a safety issue I filed a complaint with NHTSA.  Anyone else have any experience with this and any fixes.  My first oil change is coming up so I will be seeing what the dealer says, but I don't see anything they'd be able to do, it the design of the truck that sucks.  


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I didn't have that issue all last winter and this year (Maine).  I usually run my defrost on a fairly high setting (temp and fan).  I did get the occasion ice build up on the wipers and the where the wipers stop (on both ends of the range of motion).  


I always use rain x de-icer washer fluid so that helps to break up the ice with a spray.  With any truck I have had to sometimes remove the ice if it impacted the wiping ability.


Never had the wiper blades freeze to windshield.  I do let the truck warm up before using them (in the garage or outside).

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    • By WoodmanW
      I bought a 1992 K1500 GMC Pickup a few months ago and it had an existing issue with the washer fluid pump in which the seller said it would not turn off, so they removed the fuse for that.  But also the wipers only work on either high speed or with a manual push of the washer tab (so they don't work on intermittent or regular low speed).  When turned off, they stop wherever they are and do not return to the down position.  I have now been in enough highway rain that this situation is bugging me.  Does this seem like a problem with just the switch in the arm, or is it likely all of the way back to where the harness for that plugs in under the dash or even farther?  (A lot more labor to get the whole harness out.)  Any idea how to test to determine where the problem is without removing lots of steering column and dash parts? 
    • By Daryl Casey
      2020 Sierra SLT
      This morning I noticed a buzzing noise coming from the rear of the cab. The sound came from the right bottom of the rear window. The buzzing stops when I turned the rear defroster off. Turned the rear defroster back on, the buzzing started again.
      Has anyone else had, or noticed, this problem? I tried to find a connecter to see if it was loose but couldn't find it.  I don't think it's affected the performance of the defroster, at least not yet. I figure it'll require a trip to my dealership's service department, which I'm not a huge fan of. 
      Thanks for your time,
    • By DS Sierra
      Hello everyone, I have a new body style 2019 Sierra, and lately have been having issues with my wipers not parking at the bottom of the windshield!  Seems to be hit and miss, as sometimes they do stop at the bottom.  I haven't taken it to the dealer yet due to the service departments being closed in my area, but just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them.
      I know this was a common issue with the K2, and if I remember correctly it was caused by a faulty pulse module.  Wonder if GM used the same modules on these trucks and the issue still exists!
      Any information and/or feedback would be greatly appreciated.
      2019 Sierra Wipers.mp4
    • By Chris Rasko
      Hi, the wipers on my 2012 GMC Yukon are very slow, so I'm trying to repair them before they become fully seized.  I removed the nut that holds the wiper blade onto the bolt.  Please see the attached photo, but it almost appears that there is a small washer at the base of the bolt that is stuck in place.  I've tried using quite a bit of force to remove the blade with no luck.  I realize it's difficult to see in the photo.  The bolt is currently soaking with some WD40.  If that doesn't work, I'll look around for a wiper blade pulling tool.
      Any other thoughts?  Is there some material on here that looks like it doesn't belong?
      Just added a second photo after cleaning the bolt.  You can see the silver metal around the base of the bolt much clearer now.  Not sure what that is, or if it needs to come off, or if it's part of the wiper?

    • By Tyler Daniels
      Hi I have a GMC Terrain 2011 it snowed for awhile I drive the car and came out this morning to my wipers not working can hear the motor working when you turn them on but no movement any ideas?
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