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To start, there are more dash camera options available today then there are automotive manufactures. everyone has their own flavor and key requirements for what they need.


I've had a couple people ask questions about what setup I'm using, how dependable it is in Oklahoma heat, what the cost totals, and what the maintenance totals.

I have the same camera in each of my vehicles. The following list will help for some.


AUKEY dash camera front and rear... and use the same model in all my cars.

link to it on amazon $130



I have the cable under the headliner and down the A pillar on the passengers side, before feeding the cable behind the bottom edge of the dash and routing the cable to the glovebox USB.

I would recommend getting a 90 degree connector, as the cable that comes with the camera will get a little "kinked" when closing the glove box otherwise.

link to the 90 deg cable connection $7



Front camera WILL need a filter. The viofo clips onto the AUKEY perfectly!

link to the filter on amazon $15



Standard memory cards will last one summer parked outside.

"High Endurance" cards will get a couple of years.

link to the card on amazon $22



TOTAL $175

*add in some tax and it's close to 200


The attached images show the cameras, front and rear, installed in my sierra. Out of sight, out of mind!

The camera will make a chirp and whoosh sound when it boots.


Link to videos from the camera.

Front camera

Rear camera


in the last 3 years these cameras have saved 10 times what ive paid for them in different events that have happened. *"they rear ended me officer!" and then i share the footage that shows they backed into me*


good investment






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23 hours ago, NE18 said:

anyway to not record audio from inside the cab?

yes. setting in the options for audio. just a simple on or off.


NOTE:  I keep the audio on for the following....  not every pixel is as clear as what you see from the drivers seat. it's always a safe bet to say the license plate number on any car you have just been in an accident with! Wife had a hit-and-run and she had the license plate in a clear portion of the video from a few miles before the accident, but we are thankful there was also the audio of her saying the plate number.


otherwise, dont be shy to belt out your best "baby baby baby...."

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Thanks for sharing. I'm curious about whether that USB port has a setting where you can turn off the constant power. I noticed with a monster cables wireless charger Mount combo, that the power stayed active with the truck off.  Do your cameras maintain power when you turn the truck off? I have a 2018 Silverado. Thanks!

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