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3.0 duramax/10 Speed transmission

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I'm new to the forum and I just received an email from GM saying they were going to re-purchase or replace my 2020 Silverado 1500 Custom Trail Boss due to a transmission that liked to overheat and put itself into limp mode. I'm kinda interested in replacing it with the new 3.0 Duramax and I just wanted to ask if anyone has had any major problems with the new 3.0 Duramax or the 10 Speed transmission? Any replies would be helpful. Thanks! 

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I wanted to get the 3.0 but it wasn't going to be available until later on and so I settled for the 6.2.  Not disappointed since I do like the performance of the 6.2 but the economy of the 3.0 can't be beat in a 1500.  I guess my 2.0 Cruze diesel will just have to do.

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1 hour ago, AML said:

Just hit 2000 miles in my 2021 at4 3.0 Dmax. It has been flawless. A great drivetrain.

Good ****** man. That's the next truck I want to get actually. Disappointed my trail boss didn't hold up, but I like the way the GMC looks anyway. Plus Chevy for whatever reason won't throw the Duramax in the trail boss 🙄

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 2021 GMC elevation,K1500 , 3.0 duramax diesel , 10 speed trans...(hang on to your seat)


Three (3) times engine no start ,but long cranking attempt...took four trips to dealer to resolve (gm had a reprogram of start sequence.  issue fixed finally!

Next ,rear spring clunking noise, three(3) trips to dealer , they finally replaced one (1)  rear leaf spring . stated "once use bolt" was loose and entire spring assembly had to be replaced as they cannot get JUST THAT BOLT.

Less than a week later noise returned. I was fed up with the lies and poor workmanship from this dealer , I drove the truck for 2300 miles more. Went to a different dealership was told the replaced spring was only warranted for 1500 miles(?????). I was beyond mileage for bumper to bumper warranty...

They checked the rear spring assemblies, and stated they BOTH had to be  REPLACED to fix the issue ,

DUE TO THEIR BEING DIRTY @ 1400-1600 bucks parts and labor... I asked why don't they just .....clean them?

no response from service writer.

I fixed the problem MYSELF for less than 5 bucks...


Had a "low def" alert, (actually tank was nearly FULL) added less than a quart to top it off , truck went into slow down to limp mode check engine light on. went to dealer for service, took 103 miles for the limp mode to disappear. Engine check stayed on. 

WAS CHARGED NEARLY $700 bucks to reset a fault that the computer was in error.

NO PARTS WERE REPLACED only labor, as it was not sensing the def level. I HAVE THE RECEIPT TOO!

First of all , the mechanical / fluids etc were fine in my truck it was a glitch in the module not sensing...

The dealerships are charging you nearly $200 bucks to diagnose the problem,  the HAVE TO USE the computer to find the problem but CHARGE the customer to use their tool, to then do the reset/reprogram.WTH?

I was charged a diagnostic fee toCHECK THE REAR SPRINGS at nearly $200 bucks... have the receipt!

They wonder why people hate dealing with dealerships and incompetent people. I will only go to the dealer to maintain the 100k powertrain warranty . Once i hit over 100k...see ya!!!

 I will deal with local mechanics that know how to actually fix a vehicle and not give an excuse or bs story.


At this moment, I await a call back from two dealerships for a question on my transmission THAT WILL NOT UPSHIFT BEYOND 5th gear. going down the road at 53 mph and 2000rpm.

check engine light on too....anyone got a answer to the trans problem i am having????

GMC service number noted that once called, they cannot answer any questions ,but want to transfer you to a dealership, where you are forced to use a voicemail box as NO ONE is available to answer your question and THEY DO NOT CALL YOU BACK.

Am I fed up with dealerships? yuppers ! GM provided a "fix" for 2022 models trans which involved module replacement and software updating. I want to know if this is a fix for the 2021 models as well and is it covered under the POWERTRAIN warranty?

I am beyond the BUMPER TO BUMPER. 52k miles now.

FYI: the rear spring issue on the 2020-2021 1500 series trucks were not an issue for the 2022 and 2023 models...

corrected known issue?. 

Long winded  response... but "food for thought" for you and others for a 2021 model...

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I've got 21000+ on my 2022 Duramax and I have had no issues at all.  It's a really great truck.  The only thing I would have done differently if I could do it again would be to get an elevation instead of an AT4 and add my own tires and suspension tweaks.  The Rancho system ride is horrible on rough terrain and the mud terrain tires are quite loud.

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