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When Should I sell my (I mean disable DOD/AFM on) 2014 High Country with 5.3L L83?

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Comp Cams offers this kit:  ahttps://liftkits4less.com/catalog/product/view/id/537020/s/premium-dod-delete-kit-for-gm-gen-v-l83/?gclid=CjwKCAjwzaSLBhBJEiwAJSRokglwDspeh2iaswIP_KwSA6FCmFoBblgpnDXIPZg1VfMRWHI8OS1VzRoCI_wQAvD_BwE



I am seeing a lot of 'press' about the 2014 L83 5.3L having serious wear from the DOD/AFM system.  Mostly, it is around the lifter wear on those cylinders that are subject to AFM.


In 2016, I purchased my 2014 Silverado with 5.3L with about 20K miles.  I QUICKLY disabled AFM shortly after adding an exhaust and HATING the exhaust sound.  


Today, after COVID and isolation, I am approaching 70K miles.  started with Range AFM disable but it drained my battery.  I then found the Diablo i3 tuner that allowed me to disable full-time with no battery drain.  I recently started running E85 to benefit from the higher HP/TQ and decided to read up on DOD/AFM.  That is when I was hit with all the press about the permanent delete kits.  


What is your experience?  Since I have disabled (using software) for much of the last 50K miles, is it a non-issue.  Do I need to sell/adapt by 100K miles?  What are the telltales that it is 'about time'?  I have some clicking but I assumed that was the injectors as I have had it since purchase (only audible when window is down and I am driving through my favorite fast food window for my fries/burger fix.  



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18 minutes ago, shakenfake said:

Just delete the hardware and move on with your life. It sounds like you want to sell the truck though anyways so it's up to you.


I'd have it deleted once the warranty ran out which I believe it has

The kit is about $600 and I have yet to find a shop that offers the removal service.  I'm assuming it will be $2,500 to remove all signs of the DOD plus parts since you practically have to remove the top end and entire cooling system.  My question:  When do I need to become concerned?  Wait 1-2 more years?  It runs fine and no apparent issues.  


I'm missing my 2003 LS Silverado with 4.8L and 4L60E.  (trade-in in 2016).


I want to keep my 2014.  But, I want to also be prepared for the potential expense to remove the damn DOD/AFM.  Just want to be realistic.  At this point in my life, I prefer to drive the wheels off my truck than finance and pay off in 5 years.  I need to get ready for my retirement years (over 55).

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AFM could fail at any time. Don't be concerned about it. Just beat the hell out of the truck.


Yes AFM delete is probably close to $3k nowadays. Personally I would just sell the truck and find a 6.2 without DFM. Right now you can turn that negative equity upside down lol

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or you can get a 6.0 truck 2500 suspension , they never came with AFM since it's NOT a lightduty emmissions truck like all 1500's models.  better brakes better toque curve, better 6L90 with all the upgrades to the converter and larger clutch apply pistons, easier to tune for boost no DI bullsh*t.  better final gear ratio for larger tires, etc.. 

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I dunno, I just disabled the AFM and have had zero issues over the last 5,000 miles.
I'll re-enable it from time to time and all is still good.
Sometimes, I  think it's just the luck of the draw and, occasionally, one can get a problem truck or a good one.
I hear the same things from my Ram and Ford and Toyota friends.
And, heck, just washed my truck today and it's raining like crazy! 🙄

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I'd be more concerned with your transmission/torque converter to be honest. It's a more expensive repair - and I'm not sure it's more prevalent - but it's the reason I sold mine at 50,000 miles. When you're driving around in a two year old truck with 40-50k on it (like I was), you kind of expect it to be able to drive up hills on a highway at 70 mph without misfiring/hiccupping/struggling.  

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