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Build times

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Seems like it depends on brand and model.

I can only speak to my personal experience, ordering a Chevy LT3500, with a lot of packages and options.

Started October 19th With a high volume dealer in Utah.

Order placed Dec 20th (everything except Roof Marker Light Option was available)

(Delay due to specific "had to have" options not being available)

Build scheduled for first week of February. 

Could still be delayed, dealer is good at keeping me posted.


Good luck with your order.


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I can't speak directly to GM, but I ordered an F350 in August and finally had to cancel the order in December as I still had no VIN nor build date and needed a truck. Luckily found a 2020 GMC 3500HD. I think all the manufacturers are having component supply problems.

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I place the order for my Sierra 3500 at the end of August 2021 with a complete understanding of the restraints placed on the auto industry due to the lack of materials and settled in to wait for acceptance of this order. In mid-November I was notified by GM that my truck order was accepted with no constraints and was scheduled to be built. Notification was later received that the truck had been built November 18th with a VIN assigned. A follow-on notification informed me that my truck was in transit to the dealership with an anticipated delivery date of December 6th which never came to fruition. I even sold my existing truck based on this date. Now that I am vehicle less. This order has now been escalated to the "Executive Resolution Team I continue to receive many excuses for the delay of delivery with the truck’s status constantly changing to and in this order: 

  • 12/6 - Delivery ETA
  • 12/8 – Ready to ship 
  • 12/13 - At up fitters getting the spray-in bed liners installed 
  • 12/16 - Sitting in Flint Michigan  
  • 12/17 - In QC inspection 
  • 12/21 – No ETA 
  • 1/3 - Delivery to dealership.  yet it is still sitting in Flint Michigan!

Although this had been escalated to the Executive Resolution team I am always told by GM "Your dealership will be in the best position to provide further insight. I would suggest reaching out to your dealership for further updates or information" Who happens to know as much as me. I wish they would just give an honest answer as this is unrepairable harm they are doing to GMC.

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I just got off the phone with the GM Executive Escalation team who now informs me that once released for transport it is out of their hands and I need to speak to the dealership. Having now done both, I informed each that I will be getting louder on social media and forums to insure all potential order placers  that trucks are NOT being delivered and no one is taking responsibility.

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"Stuck in Flint" ~ there ya go. Perfect answer and "pass the buck" deniability.

 I made a surprise visit to my dealer yesterday and this is the absolute truth and I'm not far from Flint. I told them I'll go get it just get me the keys. That's way too practical of an idea for a giant as GM stuck in the mud unable to move. 

 I was told that GM was even shipping trucks from Texas assembly plant to ease the back log....so apparently they have car haulers in Texas? 

 I know this much, dealers want these orders to show up even more than us as customers do because it's how they survive and retain their salespeople. I represent a major manufacturer in a dealership as well and 2022 is going to be worse than 2021 was. A year ago we had some inventory, right now a mostly empty showroom. 


 I also learned a few other things. For example "GM isn't honoring the F&F or Partner program discounts" ... that's BS. That particular DEALER isn't honoring it. The dealer is reimbursed "partially" for that program, not completely. So if anyone gets that it's a false excuse. I was told "For you yes, but we don't do it for everyone, just our loyal, local customers" and honestly, I get that. I have discretion in every deal I make. You'd be surprised how expensive it is to be an ****, impatient or lowball shopper. That type hasn't a clue how much they screw themselves by being a dick. Just a little info for the real world, not the one some people live in in their own mind.  

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I got a text from my sales rep today. Apparently my truck will be in next week. I think he and I were both a little surprised. All in all. It’s been a 4 month wait since ordering. When I see the truck with my eyes ill believe it’s here.

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39 minutes ago, Camario said:

I got a text from my sales rep today. Apparently my truck will be in next week. I think he and I were both a little surprised. All in all. It’s been a 4 month wait since ordering. When I see the truck with my eyes ill believe it’s here.

That is encouraging! Mine was ordered in August so I'm going into month 5 for a simple build. I was told my Reg cab/8', gas LT, 4wd ~ to me simple, but apparently the reg cab throws them for a loop. 

 This is good news though!! I'm expecting some news any time but trying to forget about it as much as possible.  

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16 minutes ago, Camario said:

Yeah my order was pretty generic. A black 2500 custom gas. Crew cab standard box

Guy I work with has a rep at one store telling him he can have exactly your same thing, in 4-8 weeks. I told him he's lying to you. He checked another dealer and got the reality ck - 4-6 mo. He wants to believe 4-8 weeks so badly but that's just mean to do to people. 

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