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Gmt900 Mod Link Thread

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Anyone try adding an LED off-road light bar behind grille to make it hide away, but add the extra light? End goal for the vmax of mine is a zone 3" lift and wheels n tires but was considering a off road bar but want it hide it. Looking for mounting suggestions without cutting grille just let it shine throughout the mesh


I put some inexpensive, but actually pretty decent lights ( my grill. You can definitely still see that the lights are there, but they are kind of hidden. Unfortunately I am away from my truck for a few weeks for business and all I have on my computer is a picture at night with them on. Also visible in the picture is a light I installed under the hood to make working in the engine bay a little brighter. I will answer any questions and can take more pictures once I get back home.


here's one with just the engine bay lights:


and one of some lights I installed in the bed:

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There is a kit I bought on eBay that when you turn your brights on it includes the fogs if that would be anything you'd be interested in, works damn good other than I wasn't too big on the scotch lock they sent so I soldered and heat shrank my connections.



Do you happen to have a link to the kit, or know what it was called?

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40" light bar



I have been looking all week into getting a 32" but the 40" like this looks way better. How much trimming did you have to do? any other install pic?

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Thanks to this thread, I updated my 2007 GMC Sierra SLE to now include Homelink garage door openers, Steering wheel radio controls, and DIC buttons and all the features that come with them..


I bought all the parts used off ebay for must less than $200 so everything was just remove and replace, no messing with swapping items, cutting plastics, or splicing wires. I'm so glad I didn't wait to located a puller for the steering wheel. It is way easy to pull off, almost smacked myself in the chin with it. All three items only took a about 45 minutes (again thanks to reading this thread).




Has anyone tried to upgrade their HVAC controls from manual to temp sensing automatic? I know they save money by using universal harnesses when feasible, but I'm thinking the temp sensors are worth enough to omit. Not sure where they are located, but it wouldn't surprise me if the necessary wiring exists. Might be part of the CAN bus.


Next on my list is GPS, BLuetooth, and Backup Camera. Going with one of these:



Also looking for a way to add a small sub to a standard cab if anyone has ideas?

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You can copy the text (not where the hyperlink actually points to) and it will take you to the correct threads. 

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On 9/8/2016 at 1:44 PM, Mounco said:

Anyone ever put newer 2014-2016 seats in a 07-13 I just scored a set for dirt cheap and and my factory ones are destroyed by the previous owner

I am following this as well


any help would be great

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