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hello everyone

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My names sarah, im from west michigan I own a 2006 gmc sierra SLE 1500 has the 5.3 V8 love it to death.


I do offroad racing in 4-6 cyl cars and do all my own work on them.


You guys have some nice looking trucks and I look forward to learning alot here.


heres a few pics of my ride.





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Small track racing where you dont need all the legt roll cages and stuff, you are on a muddy track and race in circles (and some times figure 8) hitting eachother and basically do whatever you can to win. Its essentially racing and demo derby in one. The cheapest form of racing hahah, but i want to do warrior class which is 4-6 cyl and its actual racing, but of course you need to build roll cages have harnesses etc. and i just dont have the money for that.

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