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Considering one strongly

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Thinking hard about a '15 Sierra 2500 Duramax. I have a 1500 now and I pretty well keep it working at full capacity and beyond. I like the 1500, but I want a crew cab 4x4 2500.


Reasons for upgrade other than wanting new body style and really liking the GMC '15s, are as follows:


1. I am tired of having to get airbags and all the plumbing moved over or re- bought every 2 to 3 years, and absolutely needing the bags in general( because I usually trade after 2-3 years).


2. Tired of putting in new ball joints every 40,000 miles and GM not seeing this as abnormal on 1500s. I haven't heard of these issues on 2500s.


3. I have a diesel tractor and a Dodge Ram 2500 diesel farm truck and like the idea of getting a big fuel tank at the house. Yes I run ULS in the 60HP Kubota. Not cheap but I like that it is clean and a station close to me keeps it in stock, and I use the tractor less than 100 hours per year.


4. I have 3 trailers that I pull regularly and usually with around 3500-10,000 pounds on them and also make 700 mile runs about 6 or so times per year with said loads. I carry 600-800 pounds of gear in the bed most days.


5. I like the ride height a lot and the gearing and torque is still good after some decent tires are added, unlike the 1500s. A set of 305 BFGs on the factory 20s would look awesome and still be able to haul a load and hold a gear would be great. Mileage shouldn't drop as drastically too.


The only real negative reasons(for me) other than extra 10 or so thousand dollars, is the stiffer ride, 1.The lack of AutoTrac. 2. The torsion bars seem a little dated but obviously work. 3. The low DEF tank and having to use DEF in general.


Any ideas or advise from any one? Thanks.





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Not what u asked, but ALL diesel is now ULSD. Yes there is dyed (untaxed) and clear (road tax paid) but the fuel is all USLD.


If you need air bags for a 1500, a 2500 should suit your needs. You could opt for the gasser if you don't like the Dmax/Allision premium, but since you regularly pull, you'd love the diesel.


DEF usage is 1200-1500 miles per gallon and they hold over 5 gallons so range is more than 5000 miles. I follow a couple of the disel forums, and despite its appearance, damage to the def tank does not seem to be an issue. Running boards hide the tank.


You'll probably find a much nicer ride in the dmax than in your ram.

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The ride in my 2500 is not bad better than the F150 reg cab I drive at work! It ticks me off that GM will not put a skid plate on the def tank with the Z71 package, the one on it is just plastic. My 11 that is almost a pavement princess found something somewhere and $600.00 later I had a new def tank would have been $1200.00 but dealer and GM covered 1/2.

I installed a Or-fab def tank skid plate and for the money will never worry about it again, a great product from a very good company. I had problems with the install and called and talked to the tech support and sent him some pictures and he shipped me a different bracket for it, I had a trip planned that was going with in about 50 miles of their shop so I went by and talked to them and they showed me what I had done wrong and then fixed it for me. I can not say enough good stuff about the guys there. :jester:

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I would consider a gas engine. My deal now is I'm thinking resale would be harder on a 6.0 vs a diesel or especially when they change the gas engine in 2 years or so.


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if you can pony up the extra cost for a d-max.. its worth it..the 6.0 is nowhere nearly as enjoyable. as for the ride, yeah its a little stiffer then a half ton truck but not uncomfortable. and you can actually put 800lbs in the back without it sagging like crazy.

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Just took a 600 mile road trip in a 2500 lml duramax unloaded except 4 people and gear. Truck achieved 20 mpg one way and 18mpg back. This was DIC and confirmed by hand calc. Kept speed 68 - 70 mph.


36 gallon fuel tank is awesome. Being able to go 650 miles in a single tank is great. Until it's time to fill it up of course.


Women in cab perferred stiffer ride compared to softer ride of a 1500.

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