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pumping gas today &


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This always seems to happen, I'd say 75% of the time.lol

I always try using the gas pump trigger latch so I'm not there standing and squeezing the trigger. But it never seems to work!Lol As soon as I take a step away from the pump it stops pumping so I end up staying there squeezing the darn thing. & even when I'm there squeezing it, it continually stops pumping & it's no where near being full.

Why so? Is it because the gas station going low on gas? Or what could it be? Just curious. , :)





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My answer is for California where we Have a flap in the mouth of the filler neck and stupid damn vapor recovery nozzles. Mine does this when filling fast and the vapor builds pressure

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Some pumps just don't play nice. There was one station in NH that was like that for me. It was a bummer cause it was the only top tier station on my commute and I couldn't use it.

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Chris, that little flap has been there since they came out with unleaded gas, and the hole is smaller that what the "Regular" gas nozzle was. In my younger days the nozzle on the gas pump was the same size as the nozzle on a Diesel pump today. It was done so idots could not put leaded gas into a unleaded tank. :jester:

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Your truck is flawed. Be quick and ditch it before further disaster unfolds and that thing leaves you and your family stranded! As your interweb friend, I will take it off your hands... free of charge.


No thanks needed.

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