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Thermostat located

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Hello everybody I would like to replace my thermostat on 2007 GMC Savana 3500 6.6 Duramax. I would like to get help if one of you know where thermostat located?? I loooked at you tube but I am not sure will be the same most of them in you tube are pick up trucks. Thank you very much in advance.

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DONE..... 1. open the air filter 2. open radiator cover 3. open alternator and follow the top radiator line to the bottom and you will see the thermostat housing. on 6.6 L duramax diesel has 2 thermostat 1 in the front the 2 nd in the back. make sure when you put the 2nd thermostat must be the same position before you took it of because 2nd thermostat has 2 hole and that hole must be in the same position.

It was pain job just take your time :thumbs:

Don't forget check your idler pulley might need to change :smoker:

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    • By HuntedOne4
      Okay so I broke my foot a last month so my truck has been sitting during the winter. Just recently the check engine light has came on. 
      I used my code reader and is said the thermostat was running cold. 
      And the engine fan automatically comes on and stays on for a little even after I turn the truck off. 
      My question is there a simple fix to this? Or would this require a replacement?
    • By foracle
      I want to start by saying i understand i am working my truck a tad hard.  And I AM going to continue.  I just want to protect it as much as possible while doing that.
      I have a 2014 silverado with the 4.3 v6. 102,000 miles and never a problem. Owned since new. When i haul heavy up gravel roads my tranny gets hot like....220-240. I am a carpenter and pull materials and box trailers.  I installed a snow plow this year which is snow moving so not a lot of air moving past radiator. I have hit 250 before. 
      I had the transmission flushed at 50,000 and again at 100,000. But i would like to get my temps down. I am thinking an aftermarket fan? An additional tranny cooler?
      From what i read the tranny cooler is basically built into the radiator. And because the engine runs so hot you wont get too much cooling ability. Also it dosnt start actively cooling until 190? 
      So i guess i need to adjust my thinking to the trucks 190 and up temperature range. But I am not happy with 230 for hours on end. I dont plow commercially just a few small drive ways. Any technical advice, not just opinions(lol) would help. 
    • By Tech89
      Hey guys, I did the thermal bypass conversion to active by pass on my 2018 8L90. Did a step by step video because I hadn’t seen anybody do an actual full replacement video nor had I seen one on a 8 speed. Trans runs about 45 degrees cooler now. Check it out and let me know what you think. It’s the exact same procedure on 6 speeds just mounts different on the transmission.
    • By dwchapmanjr
      Earlier in the week my check engine light came on and I saw the P0700 and P0711 which lead me to Transmission Fluid Sensor issues and people having to replace them.  I started monitoring the sensor and noticed it didn't fail like most other people but it takes an awful long time to warm up only peaking at 150F whereas previously it seemed to always be near 200.  It took about 45 minutes of driving to get into the 140's and only passed 150F after another hour of driving after that.
      As I learned the thermostat is only supposed to open up at 192F so I believe mine is stuck open.  I will see if the dealer will give this under warranty but I'm curious, anyone do thermostat deletes and regret it?  From what I read, the TCM wants 200F or close to it for better shifts and this is why the thermostat is there in the first place.  On the other hand, living in a warmer climate where it doesn't usually get below 40-50F, could leaving this thermostat open extend the transmission life?
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