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2000 GMC Jimmy 4.3 Vortec 4WD ~215,xxx


Engine starts, runs/revs in park but will stumble and miss off idle in drive. It wont stumble all the time though, sometimes it will run perfectly fine. Occasionally while driving in overdrive the engine will lose power, throttle does nothing, and drop to idle and begin stumbling and backfiring. After this happens if you let it sit for a few minutes it will start and run fine. Also this loss of power only occurs in overdrive, if I drive around in 3rd it runs fine.


Fuel pump was replaced ~3 years ago

Fuel filter ~3 months ago

IM gaskets ~5 months ago (due to a coolant leak)

Radiator ~8 months ago (cracked)


Had codes pulled p0101, p0151, p0717, p0174


Anything you guys have would be great!


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