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2016 Silverado 2500HD Steering woes

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I bought a 2016 2500HD Gas truck after having a 2014 1500. The steering was so sloppy and wandered so bad that I refused to drive it. Dealer had the truck 4x in 3 weeks. Their genius fix after 4 times plus 2 other non service visits and hours of conversations in email, phone and texts - too much air in the tires. Wow! It was never right. The dealer Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix Arizona was a nightmare - never buy anything new or used from them. Or go for service - but that's another story for another thread.



Traded it back in - ate some big bucks, and got a 2016 2500HD duramax cc LTZ, my dream truck. ZERO steering issues, wheel was tight and felt as good as my 2014 half ton. Until the 2nd week I had it and the power steering box started leaking terribly- as in puddle on the driveway. Took it to different dealer as the 1st on was horrible- and they had it for a few days.


Thy put me in a compact car loaner and said they couldn't get the part, GM had zero in Stock nationally, and they guessed it was being manufacturered but no ETA. They sealed the leak and gave me the truck back until the part come back in.

So I leave the dealer, guess what? The steering is sloppy. About 2-3 inches I can move the wheel left or right before it is responsive. It wanders and constantly has to be corrected. I move the wheel from 12 to 3 o'clock- the angle indicated on the DIC shows 1degree.


Everyone says "it's impossible" because it's a mechanical system. Until they drive it and they go "oh my I see what you are saying".


Meanwhile I have a $60,000 truck (plus a few thousand of negative equity on the gas truck) I worry about driving to work or towing to go camping this weekend while I wait for a power steering box from GM.


VERY frustrating.


I will add that this truck is spectacular otherwise- I hope they get this issue resolved for me.

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I too had an issue I thought. Not as bad as what you are describing. My 2015 1500 had very tight steering however the Dealership said it was normal for a 2500HD.

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My 2015 3500HD has no play whatsoever in the steering. The steering/tracking is the best I've had in any truck. (Obviously the IFS helps with the tracking, but there is no play in the steering at all, making required steering corrections very accurate).

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The dmax was the best I'd driven as well - right up until it started leaking terribly and the dealer worked on it. The gas 2500 was seriously no bueno. Its amazing though- I sent GM service here a message with my VIN and posted my issue here and a few other forums- it's a miracle- the part showed up! Yay! Dropping my baby off at 7 am and they said they will have her done by the afternoon. We are leaving to go camping Thursday AM so must have it back or a loaner dmax. Lol.


I will keep you all posted.

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Samething happening to me. Bought new 2500hd 2016 ltz in april. Just turned 7500miles and now ive got 2 to 3in in play on the steering. Its dangerous to drive. Took to dealer. They said there is an 8 to 10page tsb on it and they are having to watch a video and other things for the repair. They asked me what have i towed, have i been offroading, etc. I have not. The 7500 miles were all highway and all original equipment

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Anyone eles with a 2016 having the same problem or is there just a few "bad apples" out there. I posted the message about the power steering noise on a test drive with a 2016 HD I may be buying. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning wanting to buy the truck but I'm a little worried about the steering. ??

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I've had mine for almost two weeks, have put on 1,000 miles and so far so good. Everything feels tight as it did the first day and drives well. Will find this thread and post if things change.

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Im in the same boat!

Brand new 2016 2500HD LTZ Z71 bought it april 19th

just turned 7500 miles and started getting 2 to 3 inches of slop in the steering. Slack/Lash whatever its called.

Dealer drove it say HOLY SHIT this aint right

They have an internal bulletin on this issue and they were like first we heard of this issue, its mechanical dunno why its doing that. After they saw the memo they said its was an 8-10 page memo with a video and all sorts of stuff. They couldnt give me the document fully, but they did give me the first sheet. That was enough to find the whole document online.

Here is the attached bulletin from GM Corp.

Regarding our issue. I hope this helps people. Its sucks to have a 60K truck and im going on a week now with out it. LI LOVE THIS TRUCK, ITS MY DREAM TRUCK! I DRIVE IT (before the slack) cause it was a blast.


Here is the pdf I shared it through my google drive


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#PIT5501C: Steering Feels Loose / Excessive Lash / Fluid Leak At Lash Adjuster (Adjust Steering Gear)

The following diagnosis might be helpful if the vehicle exhibits the symptom(s) described in this PI.


Some owners may comment that the steering feels loose, there is excessive play in the steering, and/or a small power steering fluid leak from the steering gear lash adjuster may be noted. These concerns could be caused by an incorrect Pitman Shaft Over-Center Preload Adjustment.

Please have the Service Writer/Service Manager/Quality Control personnel review the following questions with the customer and attach his/her answers to the RO. Engineering is trying to better understand the situation for which dealerships are seeking vehicle repair. In answering the questions, please consider only the vehicle being repaired.

Driving conditions
  • On which of the following road types have you driven this vehicle? Please indicate yes to ALL that apply.

    — Have you driven on freeways?

    — Have you driven on city streets?

    — Have you driven on other paved roads?

    — Have you driven on dirt or gravel roads?

  • Of these roads types, which have you driven the most?
  • Has your driving included off road?
  • Have you used this vehicle for towing?

    — If you have used the vehicle for towing, approximately what percent of the total use has involved towing?

    — If you have used the vehicle for towing, what is the item you tow the most?

    — If you have used the vehicle for towing, what is the approximate weight of the item you tow the most?

  • Have you used this vehicle to haul cargo in the pickup bed?

    — If you have used the vehicle to haul cargo in the pickup bed, approximately what percent of the use has involved hauling cargo in the pickup bed?

    —If you have used the vehicle to haul cargo in the pickup bed, what is the approximate weight of the heaviest load you have hauled?

  • Approximately how many miles did the vehicle have when you first noticed steering lash?
  • Can you describe when, where, and how you first noticed the condition?
  • Did the condition seem to progress slowly over time or did it worsen rapidly?
About the vehicle
  • What are the wheel / tire size on the vehicle?
  • Which of these additions does your vehicle have? Please indicate yes to ALL that apply.

    — Does this vehicle have a lift kit?

    — Does this vehicle have a snow plow?

    — Does this vehicle have a brush-guard?

    — Does this vehicle have aftermarket wheels/tires?

    —Does this vehicle have any other aftermarket modifications to suspension or chassis?

  • If this vehicle does have any other aftermarket modifications to suspension or chassis, what are the modifications?
Open Ended
  • Is there anything else you would like us to know related to this particular condition?

Do NOT replace the steering gear for this concern.

This concern could be caused by excessive steering gear lash. To check for excessive lash, perform the following test:

  • If a power steering fluid leak is noted from any location other than the lash adjuster stud/nut/cover interface, proceed with normal diagnostics.
  • Disconnect the Relay Rod/Center link from the steering gear pitman arm and idler arm. Allow the relay rod/center link to drop down and clear the pitman arm.
  • With the steering gear in the centered position (wheels straight forward), have an assistant hold the steering wheel from turning.
  • While the steering wheel is being held in the centered position, wiggle the pitman arm and feel for any lash/play.
  • If lash/play is found, start at step 1 of the "Steering Gear Pitman Shaft Over-Center Preload Adjustment" procedure.
  • If no lash/play is found, make sure the steering gear pitman shaft lash adjuster nut (4) is tightened to 85-102 Nm- (63-75 lb ft) and then start with step 16 of the "Steering Gear Pitman Shaft Over-Center Preload Adjustment" procedure.

Perform the "Steering Gear Pitman Shaft Over-Center Preload Adjustment" procedure below. SI will be updated shortly with this revised procedure.

It is recommended to review the June 2016 Emerging Issues Video "Steering Gear Over Center Adjustment", before performing the procedure below.

US Dealers should access the video as follows:

  • https://www.centerlearning.com
  • Log in
  • Select the "Catalog" icon at top
  • Change "Course Name" to "Course Numbers"
  • Enter “10216.06V” in the Search box
  • Select "View"
  • Select "Take or Continue Course" near the top right

The steering over center adjustment video is approximately 7 minutes long and starts approximately 35 minutes into the emerging issues video. The video scroll bar can be pulled across to the 35 minute mark and start watching the video from that point. Note: You may not be able to fast forward the video until it is fully loaded.



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I have a 2016 2500 that has just south of 3000 mile on it.i just noticed on a a trip this weekend that i had trouble keeping it in the lanes.Excessive play just started in the steering wheel.I will have to call and get it in to get it looked at.I hope this isn't the start of a problems with this truck

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My 2016 Silverado 2500HD now has 27,000km and has the problem. I took it in to my dealer, One writer came for a drive with me, by the time e got back the service manager had found the TSB and right away he and a tech checked a little closer and I should be back in there soon for a repair... Does feel weird driving with slop though, limiting as much as I can... I must say I feel well taken care of by my dealer up here...

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