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Installed: Access Cover LORADO Low Profile Roll-Up Cover

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Zane & Josh, The Merva Brothers

Co-Founders, GM-Trucks.com

May 2018


Spring has finally arrived here in New England. That means we’ve got a ton of home improvement projects ready to go and a few weekends fishing on the schedule as well.  With those projects and a need to haul our 16-foot canoe in mind, we set out to find a solution that would cover our cargo and haul our larger items without damaging them or our Sierra. 


When we found two Access Cover products that fit and work together for a perfect solution we knew we had to check them out.  Today we’re discussing and installing the Access Cover LORADO Roll-Up Cover. Pronounced "LOW RAH DO", kinda like SILVER-ADO, this low profile soft roll cover is an affordable solution for anyone in in the market for a bed cover.


In the near future we’ll cover part two of our spring utility upgrade by sharing our install of an Access Cover ADARAC Utility Rack. Here's the two of them installed. 




 Let’s install the LORADO Roll-Up Cover and see what we think. 


What is it?
Access Cover LORADO Low Profile Roll-Up Cover
Model Number 42289 for 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500 w/ 6’ 6” bed
MSRP: $490.45 (as of May 2018)
Manufacturer Website: https://www.accesscover.com/lorado/

Installation Time: 1-hour

Installation Difficulty: Easy with basic mechanical skills and a helping hand




Main Features

  • Automatic dual locking system
  • Four sided sealing
  • XT-DIAL Tension adjustment
  • One person open and close with hook & loop seal
  • Cover rolled up storage straps
  • Low profile design that only sits 1-inch above the truck bed


Competitive Products

  • Truxedo Lo Pro
  • Extang Revolution
  • Tonno Pro Lo-Roll


What We Like

  • Slim design doesn’t spoil your truck’s style
  • One person easy roll up and roll out
  • Aluminum frame and clamps won’t rust or spot
  • The price point


What We Don’t Like

  • Not as waterproof as we hoped along the side rails
  • No option for premium cover fabric (think convertible car type fabric)
  • Not as secure as a hard bed cover


Taking The LORADO Out Of The Box

The Lorado soft roll-up bed cover comes neatly packaged in a cardboard box. It’s shipped rolled up in the same manner as you would roll it up on your truck, so no creases or stress are put on the cover material during shipping. 




Included is all the hardware and rubber sealing that you’ll need to install the cover. All of the included parts, fasteners, and adhesive strips are of a high quality.  A general instruction manual and a vehicle/model specific manual was included for our application. 




The hardware package for this install includes pretty much everything you'll need aside from tools.  In just about 10 minutes we had unpacked our Lorado and it was ready to install. 




Installing The LORADO

The documentation and installation manuals are concise and complete.  This roll up cover fits multiple generations of Chevy's and GMC's but clamps to each in different ways. 

We started by laying out all of the included hardware and familiarizing ourselves with what we were about to do and how it applied to our 2011 GMT-900. 




Above is the entire hardware package laid out neatly. You can see the clamps, gaskets, bolt threading tool, and cover tensioners. The only thing not included that we ended up finding extremely useful was two small hand clamps. Having the hand clamps to to hold the rail perfectly in place while securing the cover to our Sierra's bed was invaluable and cheap. Even so, this entire process was completed easiest as a two person job because everything needs to be lined up within tight tolerances to look good. A special tool to snake the mounting hardware into place is included, which was a nice touch. 





After getting the rails square on the bed it was just a matter of clamping everything down. Special care is required to make sure you don't tweak the side rails out of plumb as you snug the included clamps. We had to tighten and loosen various clamps a few times to get everything to stay lined up and tight at the same time. 





After securing the side rails and making sure they were aligned property, it was time to add the rubber gaskets. Access Cover includes two lengths of rubber seal that you'll have to cut and affix into place. The larger gasket runs up front with two smaller sections of gasket in the rear. The rubber gaskets are affixed with 3M adhesive tape. 





Lastly, it was time to set the actual cover in place and use the tensioners to connect the cover to the side rails. The tensioners allow you to get the cover drum tight when closed.  Ours only required a little bit of adjustment to get looking just right.  We did find that after a few days it needed a minor tightening due to stretching. Since the Lorado seals using a hook-and-loop type fastener (aka velcro), closing and snapping the rear bar automatically secures the sides. That's a huge advantage over "button-snap" covers.






In about an hour we were entirely done and ready to hit the road. 


The LORADO In Practical Day To Day Use
Coming from a competitive and more expensive metal roll up cover we were initially skeptical of how beefy the Lorado would really be. Those fears were quickly erased when we started using it. We appreciated just how little room the Lorado takes up in our bed. It has a small footprint and lets us load up our bed to its full capacity. The Lorado is also easy to roll up from one side of the bed, which we didn't expect. 


Gaining access to the Lorado is straight forward. The pull cord release is located inside the bed and allows the fabric to slack and roll up. The tailgate must be lowered to open the cover, which means items inside are semi-secure as long as the tailgate is locked. 


We've yet to use our Lorado in a heavy rain storm to see how water tight it is. We did notice a small amount of water entered the bed through the side rails after we washed our Sierra with a hose.


The cover has stayed tight during some wild temperature swings in the Northeast lately and has been a valuable tool during our recent excursions to the hardware store. We can't wait to haul home some drywall and other building supplies for our home projects soon. 


UP NEXT: We install the Access Cover ADARAC Aluminum Utility Rack






Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a lightweight bed cover that doesn't take up much space, won't cost a fortune, and you can install in your own garage, the Lorado is a fool proof option. 



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I've had the Lorado on three different trucks now, love it.

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The Truck Gear (by LINE-X) roll-up cover is a rebadged Access Lorado except you get a limited lifetime warranty instead of the Lorado's typical 5-year warranty.

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    • By Zane

      The Merva Brothers
      Founders, GM-Trucks.com
      February 27th, 2019
      When you take delivery of a brand new 2019 Silverado, you'll be faced with a few choices beyond which trim level or options you want. You'll also be asked which accessories you want to be installed on your truck before it rolls off the sales floor. Most GM accessories can even be factored into the sale price and financed. So, we're setting off to try out some of these certified accessories that are available for the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado. Our goal is to let you know if they are worth the cash or if you should take a pass. 
      We've always loved the look of a blacked out bowtie and the idea of one that lights up seemed too cool to pass up. So we headed to our local dealership and ordered the 2019+ Illuminated & Blacked out front bowtie. Here's how it went and what we think. 

      What is it?
      Chevrolet Illuminated Grille Bowtie Emblem in Black
      Part Number: 84069488
      MSRP: $275.00
      Manufacturer Website: https://accessories.chevrolet.com/
      Main Features
      Doesn't effect your factory warranty Direct replacement for the standard gold bowtie Same quality as original parts Wiring harness is plug & play and matches factory wiring  

      Here's the bowtie and grille as it came from the factory. 
      The first step to install the illuminated bowtie (or the non-illuminated black bowtie) is to remove the front grille. The grille on our LTZ was easy to take once we understood how it was fastened to the body. The entire process runs around 30 mintues  We'll be covering how to remove the grille on the 2019 Silverado in detail soon. 

      A plastic trim removal set makes this process much easier. 

      After a little bit of pulling and careful prying, the entire front grille section comes off. Note the grille can be removed without having to take off any body panels or reach under the vehicle. This is a huge improvement over past Silverado generations, which required more disassembly to access the grille mounting hardware. 

      The grille is a solid unit. Switching it out with another trim level's grille would be easy at this stage. This is also a good time to clean up the grille. 

      To remove the factory bowtie, release four tab clips on the backside of the grille. One is inside of the support post where you will also run the bowtie's wiring harness. 

      We popped out the bowtie and cleaned behind it before installing the new one. It was filthy underneath!  

      The included wiring harness plugs into the driver's side headlight harness. It then snakes through the radiator opening and clips to the bumper. We found it easier to run the wire through the grille and connect it to bowtie, THEN snap the bowtie to the grille afterwards. Attempting to plug the harness into the bowtie after it is mounted on the grille turns out to be extremely difficult. 

      We tested the bowtie to make sure it lit up properly before we attached the grille back onto the truck. 

      Our Impressions
      Installation of the illuminated bowtie turned out to be pretty easy provided we used the right tools. Our plastic trim kit was invaluable during the process, allowing us to pry and remove pieces without scratching them. The kit also didn't come with instructions, so make sure to ask your dealer for a set of them when you buy it. They can print it out for you. 
      The quality of the bowtie is on par with other factory parts and matches accordingly. The wiring harness looks similar to those already running under the hood giving the final fit a factory feel. 

      So while the look and feel of the product is excellent the actual performance of the illuminated bowtie left us wanting more. We expected an illumination effect with a similar brightness to our DRL lighting. Instead, the bowtie glows a dull white at light. During the day or bright sunlight the illumination effect disappears completely. We do appreciate that the color temperature of the bowtie matches the headlights and DRLs. 

      The MSRP of $275 is steep for the eventual lackluster performance. Excellent build quality, plug and play performance, a factory look, and no warranty interference offset the price to an extent. 
      If you want a quality replacement for your gold bowtie that adds a little more flare to your 2019 Silverado, the Illuminated Black Bowtie could be right for you. If you're looking for a bright centerpiece that stands out with the same intensity as your other lighting, this may not fit your bill. 

    • By z1boss
      Having just passed 10k miles this week, I thought I would offer my opinion on how I feel about the truck so far.
      I special ordered my LT Trail Boss back in May 2018 and picked it up in September 2018.  I have almost every option that you can order on it except the sunroof (would have delayed my production at the time).  My truck was built the very first week of production (7/09/2018) and is one of only a small handful of Red Silverados, if not the only one, to receive the Gideon/Dark Atmosphere leather interior as that color was changed to not an option for Red Silverados on the second week of production.  Within the first week or two of receiving it, I installed a custom Electronic Cutout System for my exhaust, Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ 33.5x12.5R20 mud tires, an Undercover Ultra Flex tonneau cover, and vinyl wrapped the scoop portion of my hood.
      Honestly, I can't believe its been 10k miles already and those miles have flown by without any major issues.  I will start with the few issues I have experienced.  For the first two months, I had Bluetooth connectivity issues where my phone would randomly disconnect and reconnect multiple times a day.  This was fixed in November by software update V507 and has not reoccurred, knock on wood.  I also have had Service ESC and Service Parking Brake lights (not at the same time) come up randomly a couple of times but they went away on their own the next time I started the car.  Other than these two issues, the truck has been great.   It has 110% met and exceeded my expectations.  It drives great, its quiet (when the exhaust cutout is closed), its smoother than my K2 was, and it turns a lot of heads.  The interior is beautiful and well laid-out, with tons of room in the back seat (Crew Cab) and very comfortable seats for long trips.  The Bose surround sound with subwoofer kicks butt and delivers crystal clear, crisp sound.  The Blind Spot monitors and Rear Traffic Alert (Safety Package I) work great and have saved my butt many times already.  The 5.3 is much quicker and more agile than my K2 was and the 8 speed is a definite improvement.  The new Dynamic Fuel Management is seamless and unnoticeable.  I am averaging 14-16 mpg city and 16-18 mpg highway, with an all-time high of 21 mpg on a specific highway trip I took and that's pretty good in my book for a lifted brick with mud tires.  This past weekend I went on a ski trip in Up North Michigan (Harbor Spring, MI) and we received 10-12 inches of snow in the 3 days I was there on top of the 2 ft that was already there.  The Trail Boss handled it with no issue and made it up the steep, winding, snow-covered road to our hill-side cabin like it was driving on straight, dry pavement.  I have yet to do any major offroading but during the light offroading that I have done here and there, it performed excellently.  I did punch the gas on one little hill and got some air (about 1-2 ft off the ground) and the suspension absorbed the landing nicely.  I look forward to testing its capabilities more this summer.  The short bed is much bigger in this generation and I honestly haven't noticed any reduced space issues when loading my truck (my K2 had the standard 6.4 ft bed).  Also, the oil is much easier to change since they freed up the space around the filter and plug, making oil changes a breeze.  Overall, I am very blessed to have this great truck and couldn't be happier.  No one pressured me to write this review, nor did GM have any contact with me about it.  This is my honest opinion on how I feel about the truck and I hope this review helps anyone thinking about buying one to make the right decision for them.
      If anyone has any specific questions at all, please feel free to ask.

    • By rhino2020
      I ordered these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Trail-Ridge-Towing-Mirror-Power-Fold-Heat-Memory-Smoke-Signal-OAT-Chrome-for-GM/232440504616?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
      with the hopes of being plug and play but the marker lights and reverse spot light aren't working. The instructions aren't the greatest and wiring isn't my specialty. Has anyone installed these? My truck is a 2014 LTZ, came stock with power fold mirrors, with puddle lights and turn signals in the mirrors. Thanks!
    • By Zane

      Zane & Josh, The Merva Brothers
      Founders, GM-Trucks.com
      November 23rd, 2018
      Earlier this year we installed the Agri-Cover LORADO soft roll-up cover on GM-Trucks.com's 2011 GMC Sierra. Bed covers are one of the best utility to value products you can get for a pickup and we were impressed how useful Agri-Cover's premium soft cover solution was on our Sierra. 
      When we took delivery of our brand new 2019 Silverado a few weeks ago, Agri-Cover couldn't wait to let us know they had a premium hard tri-fold cover, the LOMAX,  that would be on sale soon and would fit our brand new bed size. Before we knew it, a brand new LOMAX arrived at our garage. After the LORADO earned its keep over the Summer of 2018, we're ready to subject the LOMAX to the Winter of 2019. We installed the Agri-Cover LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Bed Cover a few days ago and here's how it went and what we think. 

      What is it?
      Access Cover LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Cover
      Model Number: B1020079 for 2019+ Chevrolet Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500 w/ 5’ 8” bed
      MSRP: $1,039 (as of November 2018)
      Manufacturer Website: https://www.agricover.com/lomax/
      Main Features
      Low profile - sits ½ inch above bed rails Made of extruded lightweight aluminum Weather tight, water shedding design Designed to remove and reinstall easily  
      Competitive Products
      WeatherTech AlloyCover  B Bak BAKFLIP MX4 Extang Solid Fold 2.0  
      What We Like
      Extremely lightweight One of the thinnest hard tri-fold covers available Doesn’t interfere with power up/down tailgate Easily removed to haul larger items  
      What We Don’t Like
      Fully folded, it still takes up ⅓ of the bed (fortunately, it can be removed if needed) The panels had a few sharp edges out of the box Installation diagrams didn’t match our 2019’s bed design  

      The LOMAX arrived via FedEx just a few days after being shipped. Even though it was a larger and moderately heavy shipment it showed up still securely packaged with no dents or damage to the outside box. 
      Inside, all the components were in perfect shape. There were no missing parts and, surprisingly, very few parts. 

      The LOMAX box contains the tri-fold panel assembly, two side mounting rails and eight under-bed clamps to keep everything secure. 

      With two sets of hands we were able to quickly and easily clamp the side rails in place. Each rail required four clamps, which we reversed for a wider grip as detailed in the installation manual. Super simple and easy to do with limited tools. 
      Our manual’s diagrams and instructions relating to the placement of the clamps were not perfect however. The 2019’s under-bed rail has various thicknesses. You want to make all attempts to clamp only on areas where the sheet-metal is two layers thick. 

      The manual instructs you to clamp in the far corners where there is only one layer of steel at the rail top. We decided to move the outermost clamps slightly inward to make sure they were attached in an area of thicker sheet metal. 

      Aligning and tightening the rail clamps was the most difficult part of the LOMAX install and at most took us 30 minutes. By "most difficult", we actually mean really darn easy. You only need a socket wrench.
      Once the side rails are securely clamped in place and adjusted to look even, we only had to lift the hard Tri-Fold assembly up onto the front rail. A little adjustment and the LOMAX snaps into place with two spring loaded locks. Two security straps attach at the first fold to prevent accidental flyaway. 
      After opening up the hard cover and snapping the rear panel into place, we were done. No more than 35 minutes later with a lot of stopping for photography. The LOMAX is no doubt the easiest to install bed cover we’ve ever put on a truck. 

      Initial Impressions
      Despite being an up-level LTZ trim, our 2019 Silverado looked unfinished and bare with a uncovered and painted factory bed. The LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold cover ended up being the finishing piece that really completed the super sleek and ultra modern look of our 2019 Silverado.

      Being a hard cover, the LOMAX has a thinner design then you could get from a roll up cover. It's also more expensive. That said, the easy installation and single unit cover piece also lends to an easy and quick removal process.  Need to haul large items and leave your LOMAX at home? No problem, you can remove it and reinstall later by yourself.  There’s also no interference with the power up and down tailgate, which surprised us. Looks good, works great, and doesn't mess up key vehicle features? Awesome!
      Day to day use of the LOMAX seems as if it will be similar to our LORADO roll up cover. The tri-fold design can be operated by one person and secures at the cab front of the bed, just like the LORADO. Unlike the LORADO, the LOMAX has weather stripping to seal the edges of the cover instead of hook and loop fasteners. We're curious to see how weather tight this actually is and how it compares to the LORADO and the Retrax Pro we've used in the past. 
      Winter is just gearing up here in New Hampshire and we can’t wait to see how the LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Bed Cover stands up. Snow, ice, and abuse are three things we can promise. We'll leave everything else up to chance. Check back in Spring 2019 for an update on both of our Agri-Cover bed covers.  
      Before LOMAX

      After LOMAX

      Agri-Cover LOMAX Hard Tri-Fold Cover Detail Photos


      Editor's Note: This product was provided at no cost for the purposes of a review. We only publish our honest opinions and give no consideration for the gratis product. 
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