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What Have You Done With Your T1 Today ?????

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Here is a before and after on my new wheels! First is the stock LTZ wheels with 1/4"spacers and 35's and the second is no spacers with Raceline Ryno 17x9 -12 with 315/70R17's.  Cognito UCA with Fox 2.0 Coilovers adjusted an extra 3/4"






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Installed Westin pro traxx 5 side steps. Sort of regretting it. Didn't realize it would sit so low to the ground. It's only 6 3/4 inches off the ground. If I had known how low they were I would've gotten something else.


Debating if I should swap out the tail lights to either LED bulbs or an LED smoked out unit.



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Swapped out the door handles on my 2022 LTZ refresh with ones from a '23 Yukon Denali. Now I just need to get the wrapped to match. 

I had to swap the front buttons for the. To work. The refresh truck buttons were 4 wire and the Yukon ones were 2. Yes, the back buttons do not work. I may try to find buttons for a refresh truck, swap them out, and wire them into the front doors.







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6 minutes ago, Steve-2019 said:


WOW!!! 😲


It's up to $27,7xx now after I sent the body shop this picture. Granted, they haven't pulled anything off the front to do the estimate so there may be other damage they don't see.


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