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Removing the spark plugs and wires. they are originally 9.5in long but the new ones I got off of rock auto are 12.5in long. Is that fine or should I return then and get 9.5in long?

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If they don't touch anything or get in the way, I'd use them.

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    • By Darksky
      (I searched the forum to no good answer)
      My 2015 CCSB 4WD Silverado 1500 L86 6.2L  has about 65,000 miles on the clock. I’m considering replacing the spark plugs and wires during my next maintenance day. It is not missing, but the idle isn’t as smooth as it has been, it might have a tiny pause upon acceleration. I’m pretty conscientious regarding maintenance and have serviced the intake/fuel system regularly, so this seems like a logical progression in scheduled maintenance.  No big engine mods done, intake and a muffler is about all. 
      1. Is it appropriate at this mileage and hours/age?
      2. Which products have you used and why.
      3. Costs and potential bargains.
      4. Tips or Tricks to make the process easier or provide a better outcome.
      thanks for your input and sharing your experience. If you recommend parts, try and include parts numbers. 
      Thank you, Dark.
    • By 318z28
      I've got a 2015 sierra slt 4x4 with a P1X procharger setup on it and I'm currently running NGK 6510 iridium spark plugs. I'm constantly having issues out of the spark plugs when I build boost it starts missing, the boost is blowing the spark off the plugs a little causing it to miss on the top end because it isnt grounding out properly. Just looking for a good copper/nickel plug recommendation around the same heat range that mine are, I'm tired of these plugs and can't seem to find any that will work. Thanks!
    • By Awitt
      Hi group. I own a 98 GMC Sierra SLE K1500 5.7 Vortec. It's got over 220,000 miles, I recently did a major tune up. Plugs, wires, cap, rotor, oil, oil filter, air filter, cabin filter... It's been running like a top, for over 9 months. I started it the other morning after it was of all night, & it idled like crap. I shut the porch lights off & looked under the hood, it looked like the 4th of July. Sparks are running up & down the wires & all over. I know the wires are in the correct order because I only pulled them one at a time to replace them. The same with the plugs, & they are properly gapped. The cap & rotor will only go on one way. The wires are lifetime warranty & I replaced them last night. Yet it still is running like crap. Anyone got any ideas?????...
    • By paul_driver
      2000 Gmc 5.3 z71 7.73 gears 124.5k miles
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