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Jshrubs 2016 Silverado RCSB


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Figured I'd start this thread as a place holder for now. Will add mods as I go.

My truck is a 2016 4.3 Chevrolet Silverado regular cab standard box 4x4. Purchased in June of 2019.


Current Mod List:

-Folding tonneau cover                                                  -Catch can          

-Tinted windows                                                              -Removed lower portion of valance

-Black plastidip lettering                                                -Red tow hooks

-Painted mirror caps                                                       -Light smoke on tail lights

-Aftermarket air filter                                                      -Colour matched handle covers

-2 inch leveling kit


Future Mods:

-33 inch tires                                                                    -D5S 35W HIDs

-Black bear tune                                                              -Colour matched bumpers

-Airaid MIT                                                                        -Tint front turn signals

-Throttle controller                                                          -Rear wheel well liners

-Upgrade to 8 inch oem stereo                                    


How it sat when I got it:



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On 2/22/2020 at 3:39 PM, cbrsilv15 said:

Take some all purpose cleaner and go to town on those tires!!  They're browning like crazy.

Planning a full detail in the spring, tires will be getting done too.....or they will be getting swapped for All Terrains lol

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Tried out turtle wax's new hybrid solutions ceramic polish and wax yesterday. Applied it with a da polisher. It looks great as a wax and I noticed that it did remove a lot of the light swirl marks in the paint, which was a nice bonus. I didnt test any of the hydrophobic properties as it says 24 hrs to cure.

We got a bit of rain today. I drove the truck to get some things in town and I noticed that all the water on the truck was beading up nicely and there was no sheeting on any flat surfaces. Thats a win in my books.

Gonna apply a second coat when I get a chance.




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Added  colour matched door handle and tailgate handle covers. May still paint the actual handles down the road, but I'm happy with the covers for now.



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Had this 2 inch leveling kit sitting on the shelf for months! Finally got it installed. Getting front end alignment in a few days





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Haven't done much with the truck in awhile but I did get a bottle of "Shine Armour" in the mail. Decided to give it a try and see what all the hype is about. I washed and dried the truck before using this product.


My thoughts:

Super easy to apply. Wipe on, wipe off. It did give the paint a bit more of a glossy look compared to when I wax it. It does nothing for existing scratches though and actually makes them more apparent and obvious. Truck looks great at a distance but as soon as you go closer, the scratches and scuffs on the body are magnified with this stuff. I have yet to test the hydrophobic properties.

Overall, its a great product, but I will only be using it as a finishing product on a clean truck.


PS, I didn't do the wheels or tires so go easy on me lol ?





It does a good job of causing water to bead up and move off the surface of the truck but definitely not as good as they advertise. I would almost bet the vehicles shown in the ad have 3+ applications. I had just enough in one bottle for one application. Thats not much considering my truck is a rcsb. The upside is that the truck has been easier to keep clean since applying it.

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Did something subtle today. Tinted the turn signals. Driver side is not tinted, passenger side is in the first photo. Thought the tint I ordered was darker but this turned out pretty good anyway.






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