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2014 Silverado LT dies, acts like there's no battery

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Need some help on trying to determine our issue.  The truck will die, out of nowhere, without any warning.  Strange part is that the truck acts like it does not have a battery.  Not like the battery is low, but like it doesn't have one (best way for me to explain, or like we lose all electrical).  No lights at all, inside or out, no radio lights, doors won't unlock, absolutely nothing when you turn the key.  Both times we have disconnected the battery and reconnected it and all goes back to normal for a month or so.  The first time it did it we had been coming back from the lake, pulling our popup camper and had been on the road about 2 hours.  Initially I thought it maybe due to pulling the weight of the pop-up, but it's far less than what we can tow (weighs about 3k pounds with all of our stuff stored in it -dry weight is 1750 pounds).  However, this second time it did it we were not hauling anything.  We were pulling into a parking spot and put it in reverse to straighten up and it just killed over dead.  And again, no warning at all.  I am replacing the battery tomorrow but I really don't feel like that's the issue since we have never had to jump it but I am going to replace it either way just in case.  Had anyone else had this issue and have any ideas that I can look into in addition to the battery.


*I will add that we are also having the Stabilitrack Warning light coming up too and that has been happening for about 6 months or more, so I guess that *may* be related, I am just not sure.

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It sounds like possibly the G218 ground issue. There is a ground under top left of dashboard behind speaker. The problem is that some of the insulation there gets caught around the stud and doesn't allow the ground wire full contact. The solution if that's it is to remove the bolt and wire, then cut away some of the insulation so the wire is able to have full contact. Search G218 and see if that's a possible solution for you.

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Thank you for your help.  I have both changed the battery and removed the dash and the excess material that was indeed under half of my G218 ground.  Hopefully this will correct this issue.  I had read so many posts about this issue with no real direction so I truly appreciate iate your help.  Now I am crossing my finger as we are going to the lake tomorrow and will be towing our pop up.  Nothing worse than car problems in situations like that.  Again, thank you so much!

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