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Looking for the Z71 badge in gloss black.  Anyone have any good sites with good quality badging?  Also, for the life of my I can't think of the name of the rubber blocks you can buy to cover up hole on top of the bed.  Thanks for your help.  Had the truck 1 day and the modding begins.


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After buying two set off Amazon that were absolute junk, I went with the OEM Black Badges and are pretty happy with them.  They are 2 toned - Gloss & Matte.  They are about $26 a piece.  The other photo is the part numbers (Yes, there are right and left badges)



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1 hour ago, snowman44 said:

Anyone have any good luck with badge on amazon or ebay?


I have on both sites. I got the Black w/Red insert Z71 badge from Amazon and a black "Texas Edition" badge from ebay.

In both cases the badges were a perfect match to the original. The Z71 badge was matt and I would have preferred gloss... gloss is available but I just wasn't paying attention when I ordered it. It was one of the very first things I did when I got the truck.


All that said, I just ordered the badges that DCC_318 just  mentioned. I like the idea of them being dual finish (matte and gloss) and I never did care for the red.


To sum it up, you can find good luck on either of those sites... just pay attention to what the descriptions are and check comments from buyers.


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