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2019 silverado high country, early morning transmission jerky

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My 2019 Sierra does it. Just had it in for service yesterday. Dealer changed transmission fluid, which I was told was done on all 2019 and up trucks from the factory. I have had the hard downshift coming to a stop. The hard "chatter" shift some mornings. On the way home, 1.5 hour drive, the mild vibration seems to be gone. But the hard downshift is still there. According to the service advisor, it's due to the design of the transmission. If that's true, why change the fluid????

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Had the same issue with my 19' 8 speed. It only does it after backing out of a driveway and slams into 1st if you don't wait. Dealer changed the fluid to Mobil 1 and "retuned the shift points" but it does the same thing so never bothered to take it back to them.

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Involved Region or Country

North America, Europe


Some customers may comment on a condition of delayed engagement when the transmission is shifted from Park to Reverse or Park to Drive after the vehicle has been sitting with the engine off.

Note: This condition may typically occur after several hours or more commonly overnight.

Customers may describe this condition as:

  • Vehicle delaying into gear
  • Feeling like the transmission is slipping
  • Delayed engagement followed by a harsh engagement


General Motors allows 3 seconds for the transmission to complete a garage shift, shifting from Park to Reverse or Park to Drive. If the engine speed is increased before the transmission has engaged, the garage shift may be harsh.

Operation will be normal for the subsequent engagements throughout the day and the condition will not occur until the vehicle sits again with the engine off for several hours or overnight.

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YEP! MY 2021 Sierra 4k miles does it!  It started with the colder weather.  I normally back about 100 feet out of my driveway into the street.  It's a downhill slope so no throttle needed.  Then I shift to drive and pull away.  The truck initially shifts to drive and will lurch a bit first.  Then it is like it hits neutral for a split second and then engages again.  All is good after that for the rest of the day. 


I did try to start the truck a little earlier before leaving to see if just warming it up would help.  That didn't make any difference.  Other than that one thing that just started, no problems at all with my new Sierra.  Now that I read of others doing I may not worry as much.  Seems to be common among these trucks.

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2 hours ago, M1ck3y said:

Are you guys new to gm vehicles? You know this is just history repeating itself right? 

Don't get me started on the continuing problems gm is having with their powertrains. Some will not have problems early in their lifespan and some will fail everytime you turn around. Good luck guys not getting a lemon.

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Every cold start I put it in manual and when its at or over the shift point for 2nd, I put it in drive. Barely feel the shift, and it sets the tone for how it performs the rest of the drive (great). Unless I drive aggressive and then tone it down and drive normally. It doesn't like that.


I've noticed that If I let it slam and flap around for its first shift after a cold start its going to drive like crap and shift poorly from there on out. Engaging the shift AFTER the fluid has had a chance to circulate properly seems to make a difference for me. But this is on an 8spd. 


I believe that because the poor shift didn't occur, it doesn't screw up the transmissions learning. Which is why it performs great after that.




I should note, I do drive slowly (12-15kmph) down a stretch of alley way and the road a bit in 1st before putting it into drive. Mostly because of the shift, but also to try and keep the noise of my truck down best I can. 

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