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2022 ZR2 silverado dssv shock part numbers

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On 6/26/2023 at 12:15 PM, SVG said:

I purchased a set of new take-offs from a private party. It was listed on FB marketplace.

I didn't change the rear leafs as I didn't want to monkey with my tow rating (I tow my 5K boat regularly).




Well, how do ya like them?

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On 6/25/2023 at 10:49 AM, TxTruckMan said:

What vehicle did you add them to?  I have a 2021 AT4 needing new shocks and am considering going this route if it’s a simple shock swap that I can do myself. I don’t want to buy new rear springs. Thanks. 

2019 AT4. Was easy, maybe 2-3 hours? Fronts required unbolting the top ball joint. I sourced the fronts from a junk yard, the rears from rockauto

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  • 5 months later...

HD is a totally different suspension setup as they use torsion bars in front and not coil springs. You need ones from an HD AT4X or 2500 Silverado. I'm not aware of a GM accessories kit for the HD trucks yet.

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On 12/25/2023 at 4:29 PM, GETGONE said:

Not a bad price on labor. What was the total kit cost?

$3745.50 prior to labor.  Here's the breakout.Screenshot_20231227_201607_Gmail.thumb.jpg.34903250054e40c2dd48937f790c5313.jpg


Was looking at salvage parts... Rear suspension was the only thing I could find in the US and it was 1,600 delivered if I remember correctly.  Used eBay parts were about as expensive as new parts.  Pricey but this seems like a comparatively good deal with a warranty.

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18 hours ago, jeetS said:

Do you need to swap out the control arms? Or any height as the stock ones are lifted?


I have an HD and Id like to swap to the at4x shocks ands wondering what I need

My understanding is struts and control arms.  Wider front track so don't know if there's a special fender liner or flared fenders.  Apparently unique knuckles, torsion bars, and leafs too.  HD at4x is my dream truck.Screenshot_20231227_202136_Chrome.thumb.jpg.0d223ddd69d3e21cd8d6a089c8b62ba3.jpgScreenshot_20231227_202241_Chrome.thumb.jpg.b78818610dd31f9e6b79f40198dedaa3.jpgScreenshot_20231227_202413_Chrome.thumb.jpg.d1961dc5a0eb8fb0f3653ff92bc8106c.jpg

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Hey guys,


I have a nice new set of Silverado/Sierra 1500 ZR2 shocks and struts for sale if anyone is interested.  Hopefully the link works: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1034166557846965?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post&tracking=browse_serp%3A28cfac86-747c-4d7b-a752-371efa70c9cb


As you know these are hard to find - the fronts seem to be unavailable outside of the GM performance kit.

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Link works. Good price. Too bad I'm broke and unemployed as I'd love to have them and am in Michigan too!

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I think this may be first time post in a while . I have 2021 silverado High country 3.0 duramax.  Currently running RC 3.5 lift with Vertex shocks all the around. .  Looking to maintain 3.5 inch lift with DssV shock upgrade. 



RC a vertex seemed good at first.  But after 140k miles on them I think they are getting tired.  Also not to mention the bolts holding the RH side  coilover failed and left me stranded and tore my cv shaft. (Working with Rough Country to resolve that issue. )  so at this point replacing shocks with DSSV from zr2  20k miles . Also upgrading cv shafts to hlep with vibration in 4x4 . That is only thing I noticed with my 3.5 lift which ran out to 3.25 installed


I believe thr Dssv coilover/struts will give me 2 inch ? . So do I need to grab a 1.5 spacer kit ? To maintain thr 3.5 setup . Also  any suggestions  UCA's at this height  Rough country s are decent but ball joints only lasted 50k Miles. 


I appreciate all insight and suggestions.  

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I have a 22.5 1500 LTZ with the Trail Boss suspension and toying with the idea of going with coilovers but also using the DSSV. 


For those that have had DSSV shocks on their non-ZR2 truck for some time now, how do you like them? Did they reduce bodyroll a significant amount? 


I'm trying to find a used set which could prove tough but I'm in no hurry so I can look for bit. One thing I also want to do is level the truck so looking to add about 1" up front. Do you think there would be an issue using a small strut spacer with the DSSV struts?


Was it ever confirmed if the 1500 ZR2 uses a different UCA than the standard or Trail Boss/AT4 suspension to account for the increased angles? If there is a different, I would consider using a factory UCA vs aftermarket for warranty purposes. 

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