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Is the “ Z71 off-road suspension package" worth it ???

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I have a z71 with the appearance package and it has skid plates, decent tires and some stickers. only reason I got the appearance package is because of the body colored grill and rancho shocks which i'm pretty sure is just a sticker on some oem shocks haha. The Z71 is good for resale down the road because everyone wants it or thinks they need it, but in all honesty is really isn't anything anymore. I'd rather have the 20's anyways.

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The way I see it, you're never going to be able to buy a set of 18" rims for 295 bucks again. Personally, I think the Z71 wheels are the best wheels that Chevy makes. Also, when a semi shredded a tire in front of me on Monday on my way to school I was glad I had the skid plates when I ran the partial tire over and heard it smashing around under my truck. Who knows if I woulda got a big dent in the oil pan had I not had them?

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Yes, the Z71 package is worth the money, especially becuase Z71 equipped trucks seem to have better resale value. What is a waste of money in my book is the Z71 "appearance package'.

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The Z71 package includes a larger sway bar and better shocks. It rides great on smooth roads, where the upgraded suspension gives a sporty feeling with a little more control. But be aware that it can be a little stiffer on potholed and washboard-like roads, where it can get jiggly and uncomfortable at times. It's not engineered to be a maximum-travel smooth offroad suspension like the new Ford Raptor's where you can go flying over bumps at 90mph and keep the shiny side up.


According to the owner's manual provided by the General, the optional 18 inch wheel/tire package for the Z71 is NOT recommended for use with tire chains, but it does allow you to drive high speeds without adding extra air to the tires. The 18 inch tires cost a little more than the standard 17-inchers, but there seem to be more tire options (brands/types) available with the 17 inch size.

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Thanks for the input guys...!!!


I agree on the resale value... the 300 bucks now will probably be worth it yrs down the road when i trade it in or sell it.


This is what the stock SLT comes with:

Suspension Package, Handling/Trailering, heavy-duty includes 46 mm piston monotube shocks and 36mm front stabilizer bar (STD)


So it already has decent shocks.


The tires are the deal breaker.... i just don't want to chance getting "all season radials" , so in order to get the on/off road blackwalls, i'll go with the Z71.




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My truck has the Z71 package and the main reason for wanting it was the tires. Michelin LTX AT2's, a top of the line tire.

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the "all terrain" Bridgstones they give you with the Z71 package are terrible. They are okay in the dry but in the rain and snow, forget it



:dunno: I have been pleased with my factory-stock Bridgestone Dueler AT RHS' over the last 2 years. We had a LOT of snow and ice the last 2 winters, and I had no problem whatsoever getting around; rarely had to put the truck's 4WD in AUTO mode (and never had to put it in 4 HI or 4 LO. Never had a hydroplaning issue with them in the rain, either. And they have a better warranty rating than the other factory-stock tire, the Goodyear ATS. When it comes time for replacement, I plan on upgrading to a new set of Bridgestone Revo's. Like they say, your mileage may vary. :driving:

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If z71 comes with 18s why do i have 17s?



18's are optional on regular Z71 trucksw/o the appearance pkg


18's are standard on trucks with the Z71 appearance pkg



Mine is a Z71 w/o the appearance pkg. Z71 with Z82 and all the plates, just no fog lights. 18's on/off road

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If I'm not mistaken you must have the Z71 package to be able to get the Z71 appearance package. I really liked the painted bumper and grill, C/F dash and all that stuff along with the skid plates , shocks and stuff with both packages. 1st package around 200.00 ??? 2nd package 895.00 ????

I think altogether thats a good buy, just my opinion.

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