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Post your fuel economy while towing

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07 2500 HD extended cab short bed, 3.73, 6.0 gas, towing around 9.5K   flat ground between 9 and 10   hills etc 7-8   I'm not driving 55...

Dang that is a beast of a trailer. Definitely would be getting a weight distribution system and anti-sway set up on that.

2008 Sierra 2500HD 6.0 gas and 4.10 pulling 33 ft 8500lb, I got right at 8 mpg.

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4.8 w/ 3.42's stock tires and suspension. Towing my 14' boat at 55 i get about 16. Towing my fathers 16.5' boat i get about 14 but his boat is much heavier then mine. I haven't checked the mileage towing my 6x10 utility trailer but i don't usually take any long trips with it either.

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Stock 275/55/20 5.3-3.08 6x12 enclosed trailer weighing appx 2000 - 2500 pounds in nasty side wind, -20c


7.64mpg at 55mph :(


7 mpg?!?! With my 13' 5.3 308 I towed my single axle trailer with about 2500lbs and got around 10.

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I have several posts on another forum regarding my gas mileage. I'll try to copy and paste the ones that concern mileage while towing here. All mileage numbers are hand calculated. My truck doesn't have the DIC thing.


Checked my mileage again this past weekend while towing a 6' X 10' enclosed trailer. A bit over 200 miles each direction - almost all interstate. Running 76 mph - 77 mph into a headwind going I got 8.7 mpg. Coming back I drove 74 mph - 75 mph and had a slight tail wind. Got 9.8 mpg. Not good at all considering how little weight I was hauling. Going to be "interesting" to see what I get when I tie onto my 7' X 16' enclosed trailer....



Mileage from this past weekend. From northwest Louisiana to Lincoln, Nebraska and back. Pulled a 6X12 tandem axle U-Haul trailer to Nebraska. No trailer and empty coming back.

Didn't check first tank... Second tank (with trailer) 11.6 mpg; third tank (with trailer) 12.9 mpg (had a 30mph - 35mph tailwind going through Oklahoma and Kansas. icon_e_biggrin.gif ); fourth tank (some with trailer, some in town, and some without trailer) 11.7 mpg; fifth tank (all without trailer) 16.2 mpg; sixth tank (all without trailer, mostly 45mph to 60 mph, and down hill!) 17.7 mpg.



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With a gasser you will not get more than 10-12mpg at the max while towing. With a headwind 8-9mpg. Economy isn't something that goes with being an RVer. It seems to pretty much standard despite the length/weight of the trailer. I am talking about travel trailers-that front cap provides PLENTY OF DRAG, hence the mpg while towing.


Other type of trailers may be different.

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I get 8-9mpg, 7000lb fifth wheel, 4.10 rear, 6.0 gas, 4x4, crew cab 3500 cruising ~65mph

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2014 Silverado LT, regular cab 2WD, 5.3, 3.42, towing 3850 GVWR travel trailer. Just got back from my first tow with the truck and I averaged 13.4 on the way to the campground with minimal cross wind. Averaged 12.7 on the return trip with a slight headwind. Traveled on I-5 in Oregon with a few small 6% hills. Total miles about 400 round trip.


Works for me!



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Stock tires. 5.3, 3.42 gears towing a 4480lb jeep wrangler plus u-haul auto transport trailer and loaded down with gear from TN to VA. Stayed around 60-65. Running 89 octane with a black bear tune. Hand calculated at 12.3-12.4. Very happy considering what I thought I would get in the single digits.

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