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For Sale: Factory GM Side Steps ('14+ Silverado/Sierra Double Cab)


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I am selling a BRAND NEW, unopened set of the Factory GM side steps for the new Silverado/Sierra. They are the 6" Chrome rectangular steps, part number 22805440. They fit the 2014-2015 Silverado and Sierra 1500, 2500, and 3500 Double Cabs.

I wound up with them as an extra set when I bought my truck new. They were a "dealer installed option" that the dealer "forgot" to install. I hadn't looked at the window sticker which was folded in an envelope when I picked the truck up, so I didn't realize the truck was supposed to have them... (plus a chrome exhaust tip and center console divider.... $1000 worth of options they "forgot" to put on!!!) Anyways... a few weeks after picking the truck up I happened to pull the window sticker out to look at and realized the mistake. Unfortunately for me I had already ordered and installed a set of Lund steps from Amazon, and because the GM steps were "ordered with the truck" I got stuck with them.

So, they're 100% brand new, I've attached pictures of them in the box that I took today after going back to the dealer to pick them up. I'm not going to open them for the time being in case I need to ship them, but I've attached a stock photo as well. I paid $750 for these through the dealer. I'd like to get $650/bro









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