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Bypass Chimes in 2015 Bose Audio System

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I'm planning on adding component speakers and aftermarket amplification to my 2015 Bose System with Subwoofer. I've seen several posts stating that the chimes were extremely loud after amplification. I know that the head unit controls don't adequately lower the volume.


Has anyone successfully bypassed or attenuated the chimes yet? I read that theoretically you could tap into the post-Bose amp rear speaker signal and then split you your components and sub signals from this. The chimes apparently go through the front left speaker. Would this allow you to still use bluetooth for phone, etc, and is this the best option?


Any ideas?

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Bose system or standard, makes no difference, if you amplify the signal out of the HU, chimes and turn signal will get louder. Only way I can see around it and still have bluetooth for phone is to run dash speakers direct off HU and rewire front doors to receive signal from rear, leaving left dash speakerbas only speaker for hands free. standard system, rear signal is full range, Not sure on Bose, but i'd guess that's the case.


My system is currently running 4 channel amplification, will be swapping front door speakers shortly, when I do, dash speakers will get reverted bacK to non-amplified

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