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"Decked" is a game changer for me

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Hey guys, been looking into getting a decked system for awhile, finally did and want to start alittle convo about it. I don't have a lot of time to talk now, but have had the system for about a week now, been trying to figure out how I wanted to organize it in this time.


Here's a few pictures of the system I've found on the web(below I'll show my system):







A few of the features that stand out the most is that:

-It can hold 2,000 pounds on top, so a 4wheeler like in the picture above can still be loaded.

-You can fill the drawers with ice and drinks for tailgating if you like(I have a different solution below I use for keeping drinks cold while I work).

-The drawers can hold I think it's 200 pounds each.

-You lose depth of truck bed, but also it sits flush over the wheel wells which is nice when loading wide items.

-The drawers can be locked, with the added locking of your tailgate you are double secured. The way the system is put together it would be EXTREMELY difficult to get into or removed(if at all really possible) when everything is locked up.

-There's no drilling into the bed of your truck. There are anchor hooks that go thru the ammo cans on each side of the wheel wells where your truck tie downs are located. You tighten those up, and then the system put together as a whole work to keep it held down and in place.

Also with our trucks(if you have them like me) you still have the high tie down anchors, so you won't miss the lower ones being used by the decked system.

-Is custom molded/cut to fit your truck with very little gap on the sides. I have the factory spray in bed liner and it fits really nice.

-Chevy bed that I have has been used since 07, so as long as Chevy doesn't change the dimensions for awhile then I can move to the next truck.

-If you have the short box bed then the drawers are I believe 11 shorter than the longer system. The kicker is that they both extend out the same distance though. So the longer system has more room, but that extra room in the drawers are tucked in and don't extend out. Even the shorter drawers like mine have an area tucked in that doesn't extend out, just not as much. I use it for storing items I typically don't use like my tire jack, jumper cables etc. I have these items stored in the Decked D-Boxes I got that they sell seperately. The long drawers for the longer truck beds can store 3 D-Boxes each, the short bed like mine can store 2 D-Boxes with alittle room left over.



I believe I finally got it the way I want it. I heavy duty velcroed everything. For instance, my drills stand up in the drawers, the base of the drills is the battery, each battery I have velcro, so I can actually change their location around. I went out searching for different organization boxes etc, bought a bunch more than needed, and took back what I didn't use.


I do construction when off duty from the fire station and absolutely hated always getting into my typical tool box. I'd have to usually climb in, and try digging thru a deep tool box trying to find a specific tool, just to give up usually. I had extremely high hopes for this decked system, and so far I couldn't be happier with it. I do plan on adding led strips in the drawers for night use, but that's about it as of now.


But here's a few pictures I took earlier today, and one picture after finishing the install the other day.









Hope you guys find some of this info useful, I did a bunch of research before ordering. If there's any questions I'll try and answer. If you google decked truck bed then you'll see their site, which is where I ordered from.

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That is awesome! I have the large Weatherguard toolbox, and I agree with you that it is difficult to get things out of the bottom of it. Something like this would be great, and I could still put plenty of things on top of the box as well.


Will definitely give this a serious look for my next truck/toolbox.

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It's great for a work truck if all you haul is building materials, but I see that it limits what you can haul. And I mean something with any real height and weight which this makes you have to lift something a foot higher. I'm not talking about what it can handle on top of it since I see a 4 wheeler, but I mean imagine trying to haul something like a fridge, just wouldn't be able to do it. It shortens the bed rail by more than half so anything with any real height you'd have to put right up against the cab and the tie down points might be too low for something real tall.

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