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Van starts fine cold but when warm you let it set 15+ minutes it has to crank over alot to get it to start and after that you can shut it off and restart no problem. No issues in preformance driving it. already change injectors and fuel pump which has the fuel filter enclosed.

Changed the cam shaft sensor, still the same, cold starts easy, then Prolonged start. Could it be the crank shaft sensor? How can i test it ? I have to pull starter to get at it. Thank you


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Tried new sensor
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    • By Pierre-Nicolas Minjauw
      Hi! So about 2 months ago my fuel pump went out. Had it replaced and right away we noticed sometimes it would crank but No start. After a few days the pump was defective, so replaced it again. Pump ran great with good pressure but after about a week or so, same issue crank but no start. Sprayed some starter in the manifold sometimes start, sometimes no. Turn key on/off to cycle and then sometimes start, sometimes no. Used the pressure valve behind the spider to bleed air/fuel then engine start fine. Would run fine for a couple days up to a week and then same thing all over again. Took it to local chevy. Diagnosed fuel pump, ... good to go they said, everything working properly. 2 days later No start and this time cannot get it to turn over, pressure is at zero. Pump is still turning on but not humming like it was. Replaced MAF and distributor cap as well as fuel filter. My local mechanic and I are stumped, and I'm already $1000 in on repairs. Please help!
    • By GavinKBarnes
      I have a 2010 Silverado 5.3 LT 4x4 and my engine stalls when accelerating or revving, it doesn't get past 2000RPMs and starts making a deep almost rumble noise. I unplugged my MAF it almost kills my engine so I didn't believe it was that. I just replaced my TPS. After somebody recommending I test my fuel pressure, I did so and the results were as follows:
      Fuel pressure at 60psi with power on (not started), about 57 idling, and once you press in the accelerator, almost immediately shakes between 40-43 and doesn't move from there until the engine stalls out. Is this my fuel pump or something else entirely? 
      Thanks for the assistance.
    • By John Grie
      I've searched this forum for a while and found similar symptoms but I could never find where anyone got any resolution.  I have a used 2015 Silverado Z71 4x4 with the 5.3l V8.  I bought it 4 months ago with 56k miles on it and now it has 62k.  A few months ago I started to notice that the truck was sluggish when going about 20mph and slowly accelerating.  I really had to step on the gas to get it to drop down a gear and pull out of the slump.  Then a week ago my truck started to idle roughly that felt like a misfire.  There was no CEL and gas mileage seemed to remain the same.  The engine shakes enough to make the antenna whip and you can see drinks in the center console rock back and forth.  
      I brought into my dealership and they verified the shaking and checked in in P, D, N and R.  They diagnosed the issue with faulty motor mounts even though I said it is sluggish and missing.  Two days later they said to come pick it up and right when I got into the truck I could tell it wasn't fixed.  I had the service advisor come out and he profusely apologized.  A manager came out and verified that it wasn't fixed and ripped the advisor for not verifying the work.  They kept it another day and said they couldn't figure it out since there was no CEL but said the fuel pressure was significantly uneven between the left and right side of the engine.  They let me take it home over the weekend and made an appointment for me to bring it back later in the week and I would get a loaner vehicle.  He said they will be speaking with gm technicians to figure out what it could be.  
      What was the resolution if any?
    • By Kendoaz
      I picked up my daughters 2003 Chevy Silverado 1500 w/ 4.3L V6 yesterday, and it was running terrible, no power and it felt like it would stall out starting off from a stop. I put my OBD scanner on it and it came up with P0171 and P0174 (running lean on bank 1 and bank 2). I found the Schroeder valve behind the intake manifold and did a fuel pressure check. I came up with 28 psi, and it would hold there for quite some time, so no fuel pressure leaks it appears. I changed the fuel filter, and I still get 28 psi. When I rev the engine it drops maybe 2 psi for a split second but pretty much stays at 28 psi. The strange thing is that it starts just fine, which amazes me being that the truck should be around 55 psi+. It appears to me that the fuel pump is going bad, but I want to make sure before I order a new one. Any ideas on what else I should check? I looked for vacuum leaks, couldn't find any, and I also cleaned the MAF sensor, which didn't change anything. Let me know your thoughts, Thanks.
    • By Lever23
      I have a 2008 Yukon (5.3L V8, Flexfuel) that's having some starting issues after running for an extended period of time. Engine turns over fine when cold, but after driving for an extended period of time (minimum 30mins, varying speeds - city, highway), shutting the engine down and restarting after 10-30mins the vehicle starts funny.
      Instead of cranking over normally, it fires up almost immediately after turning the key - maybe half a crank. Engine then revs high for 5-10 seconds before returning to normal RPM. I've had the fuel pressure system tested and it came in at 55psi. I've also started monitoring if the issue pops up as the fuel level in tank decreases.
      I'm wondering if the Fuel Pressure Regulator on the engine block or on the tank could still be causing an issue like this? Or if the Fuel Injection System might have an issue? Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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