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Rear window leak


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Found this searching...looks likes the instructions for the first step. Maybe already posted, don't recall, and don't want to look through whole thread. 



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4 hours ago, Centrebaseball said:

Had a follow up call today.  Sounds like they put in for a replacement window with a certain part number, that then changed to a new part number, and finally it’s on a third part number as ‘replacement part’ for my truck.  However, there is no price listed or date listed on availability and basically at a stall point.  So I wonder if something has changed somewhere on the engineering side or the supply side and just waiting for a redesign of the window? Not sure.  My service guy seemed very confused on the fact that a price wasn’t even available.  Said that was highly unusual. 

Keep us updated

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Add me to the list, 

2019 Sierra crew max 

The truck is at the dealer now. They are attempting to fix leak. I'm picking up tuesday. I have started to chat with GM. They said that I'm under full warranty and that if things dont improve then other measures will take place to make sure I am 100% satisfied. 


WTF is that! Let's see what they do


Man this sucks! 



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On 12/26/2019 at 11:55 AM, Brileavi said:

Just dropped mine off dealer said they have done 4 already   

pick up my truck a week ago we have had 3 days of rain since and sleet  still dry will keep an eye on it 

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35 minutes ago, Porterhouse said:

The dealer filling the gap around my window with a sealant is not gonna make me 100 percent happy. Will they buy the truck back?? I'm o.c.d. about my vehicles anyways. 

They won't buy it back because they can't buy back 200k trucks already sold, or whatever number is in the wild, all with this issue.

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I think it depends on the situation... so in my case my truck was two weeks old and I was sure it had leaked prior me purchasing it in December since it was a 19 and they got it in May of 19. 

I documented everything first time it leaked I brought it in , I went back up the following day to get some things out of my truck.  
they mentioned hey we will park it in the shop tonight. I responded ok sounds good .


i got home and thought , what if they don’t ? We had rain coming and it would get wet again! They were closed that following day due to New Year’s Day . 

so I drove up and activated horns and lights and sure enough it was outside in the rain. 

showed up next morning walked through the gates opened the truck and video the truck wet again parked out side . 

key is document everything,.

im not saying this would be the same for everyone as I also knew the finance manager very well. 
once I showed him the video he said go pick a different truck and terminate the contract with my bank. 

Read lemon law for your state and get really familiar with the verbiage. 
I mean these are expensive vehicles , having water in my cab was a deal breaker for me. 

bad thing is I may have never noticed if I didn’t join a Facebook group.

lesson learned 

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