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Truck Bed Tonneau Cover - Which ONE?

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Hey Everyone, 


I am looking for some suggestion on tonneau covers. Does anyone have the below installed and which one do you prefer? I found great deal on the below and looking to make the purchase by the weekend. Any suggestion and recommendation of do's/don't will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you own these covers, listing few of top choices: 

  1. Hard fold bakflip mx4
  2. hard fold extang solid fold 2.0
  3. hard roll up truxedo or bak x4
  4. soft roll up truxedo or extang

let me know which you recommend and why, thanks!

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Co-worker had the Bak x2 on his Colorado...essentially the same as the x4.
it is a 2 person install (bulk/size) but once installed easily operated by one person. 1 person can do it...just easier to install/line up with 2.

Sits at/below bed rails so it is not immediately obvious from the side of the vehicle unless you walk up on it.
It locks along side rails so you can’t roll it up without unlocking it.
It secures the bed of the truck as long as your tailgate locks too.
By rolling up you gain usability of almost the entire bed of the truck for transport purposes on the fly for items taller than the bed rail. You only need to roll up what you need to expose.

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I have a truxedo lopro and I love it. Keeps the bed completely dry, even in car wash. (only leak comes through tailgate edges.) It Easily removes, or rolls up out of my way. I use my bed for large items often and don't want some big heavy thing in my way.


If you never open your bed, then a hard/flip version is for you. If you use the bed, get a roll up.

All covers leak a little bit depending on conditions. I wouldn't trust one that relies on some little tubes to drain. Mine sits above the rails and does a great job of shedding water.


As for security, the main concern is keeping things out of sight. My cover cannot be opened without the tailgate opening first. If someone feels the need to destroy it, I don't think the type of cover makes a whole lot of difference.

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My truck had the Extang 2.0 when i bought the truck ... I really like to cover and after i bought the truck  looked it up on line and seen it was over $800.00 i would say its worth the money if you can justify the cost .. 

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@lonestardiver @amxguy1970@aseibel @Mike53 Thank you guy! 
Lot of great comments and feedback. I like to be open the cover without opening the tail gate. I looked at few in person but price from local dealership was way too high compare to what I found online in the link. I did like the MX4 and Extang 2.0 because of their sleek low profile design. Also, I like the security as I do keep expensive machinery in the truck. Of those listed which is a good lockable cover?

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I know the X2 and X4 can be locked and opened without opening the tailgate. Also you can open the tailgate without unlocking/opening the cover. I like these two because unlike some, each side along the bed rail clamps where the cover sits, clamps shut when you lock it so you can’t get under it easily whereas some have Velcro along the sides and they any secure at front and rear.

I also believe the X2 and X4 have more metal across them (side to side) for strength and security.

I want the X4, but I have to consider a new toolbox situation and big antenna (Tarheel 40hp HF antenna) mounting concerns.

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I have a TruXedo Lo Pro on my truck and it is great. Sits nearly flush with the bed rails, rolls up tight by the rear window, and the velcro holds with no issues. It has a trigger lock underneath the cover near the tailgate that can only be accessed with the tailgate open. Nice thing about my 2017 is the tailgate locks so its almost as good as a locking cover but can still be accessed if someone wants to be greedy enough to use a knife... highly recommend it.


Bought mine from www.tonneaucovered.com, if you ask for a discount code they usually will provide one. Paid just under $400 for mine and it was shipped fairly quickly.

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I'm running a Truxedo Sentry CT. Great cover IMO. It looks like a soft cover, but its actually a roll up aluminum slat cover with a canvas covering on it. Keeps all but the worst driving rain out. With the locking tailgate it makes a semi-secure rear compartment. Could probably get it open with a crowbar if you really wanted to. Latches are a heavy plastic. Keeps the honest people out. It's somewhat easy to remove, but it's rather heavy, so I don't remove it often. Has some straps on the front that keep the rolled up part, well, rolled up when needed.


I really liked the canvas look, lockability, and super low profile. I think it was around $750 on sale when I bought it 18mo ago.


Here it is rolled up:



Here it is closed: 


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I'm the kind of guy that researches the crap out of something before I buy. After MUCH consideration, I went with the BAK Revolver x4 hard roll up. Not the cheapest choice, but in my opinion, the best choice. I have only had it installed for 2 weeks, but so far love it. I have had some hard rain, and I ran it thru a soft touch car wash, and no water has been seen in the bed. I also like how the multi pro still opens and does not stick against the cover - like others do.

If you haven't seen the you tube videos on this cover - check them out. 

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