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Electric Hummer reveal video -- replacing some pickups?


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On 10/20/2020 at 7:04 PM, TNTSilverado said:

My Silverado HC was snickered at $70k. What’s another $10k.  Lol


I’ll tell you what it’s nice looking and the acceleration of this thing in 3 secs is quite impressive. Let it be on the road for couple years and work out kinks and I’d look into it. I like the looks and the features. 

Idk if I could give up my V8 exhaust note though??


I heard there’s already an aftermarket group working on outdoor speakers that tuck under the bumper so you can play your favorite YouTube exhaust note on repeat when you take off from a stop. 

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12 hours ago, BluegrassMotorsport said:

... and it's already sold out for the first year.

I agree with most of what you said, but let's not get too excited by an unknown, limited number of people putting down a fully-refundable $100 deposit. 

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When you can finance something for up to 96 months at historically low interest rates, I don't think many people really care much that it costs $112K. 


A $100K car is, today, the equivalent of a $50K car about 10-15 years ago, if you consider broader financing options, inflation, wage growth, etc. 

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You say the Cyber Truck is ugly which I agree with, however that’s completely subjective. Then you say it’s not good at doing truck stuff. Yet it has a 14,000 lbs towing capacity, 6.5’ bed and 3,500 payload. 

GM didn’t release any of their numbers but it does have a 5 ft bed. 

Let’s be honest. Anyone who buys either one of these trucks isn’t going to be doing any “truck stuff” in them. 

Just like TFL said in one of their videos. This is nothing more than GM’s version of the G-Wagon.

I like the design. It seems plenty capable. The price for the top model spec is a little high IMO but it should be worth it. And I’m sure GM will sell everyone they make. 


It’s their lower spec versions is where I feel GM missed the mark. 80k starting price and it only gets 250 miles per charge. Not a great deal. 



Exactly my thoughts, much better said.


I’m very disappointed at GMs first real foot in the EV market.

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Exactly my thoughts, much better said.


I’m very disappointed at GMs first real foot in the EV market.



But I get the point, and I do agree that I think that's why tesla's have done so relatively well, at least recently. They are cars that look like, for the most part, cars. And for around town and to and from work, probably makes sense to use an EV. For a cross country road trip, not so much.


For something like the hummer ev, I just don't see how the infrastructure is there yet. So, you drive your badass offroading truck to the middle of nowhere, put it through the paces with some spirited offroading, and then call your buddy with a diesel to tow you home or to bring you a photovoltaic set up to charge your battery?


I will say I think the advertising dept earned their money with the commercial tho.



2020 GMC Sierra Elevation Double Cab PBM




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