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UPR Catch Can & Airaid MIT review

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Hello everyone! 

Finally installed my UPR can and Airaid intake last week and wanted to give some feedback to anyone interested in something similar. Back story is that we bought a 2018 Yukon XL Denali in Dec then had all lifters n cam replaced 2 weeks after due to dreaded tick on engine with 33k miles. As tech said internals are clean, I decided to go with a can to protect investment especially aftering asking tech and service manager about them and its impact on the warranty. They stated as long as warranty claim isn't affected by catch can, there wouldn't be any issue.


Anyways here's some pics of the installation (plenty of videos are available to walk you through it)


The UPR kit is well designed for a clean and OEM look.




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Airaid kit quickly installs with a smooth out intake tube and high-flow filter media. You reuse the stock box which is suffice and already is cold air with inflow come from fender.  There is slight increase of "intake" growl that I find enjoyable without the loud drone.  

TIP: carefully tighten the plastic fittings into the intake tube as I broke one by accident and had to put lots of plastic-weld to make it work.20210205_142248.thumb.jpg.89cf30f07333e2903a3a9d20f8e5b000.jpg






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Complete install of Airaid intake & filter and UPR catch can & CSS took me about 30 mins at a "take your time" speed.  I also put a trace film of silicone grease on all fittings that had O rings to prevent seized parts later.  UPR kits easily installs with its plug n play connection. 




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The stock intake tube/resonator is not too bad as you can see it fairly smooth except for the flex section. I was surprised to see that it sort of has "catch" areas where the fittings from the valve covers plug into box in an attempt to slow carbon/sludge build up (I assume). When looking at the the wetness inside the intake, I tilted stock tube when some oily residue dripped out. So hopefully the UPR kit will keep me clean for the years to come. 


Prior to install, I put in a can of CRC GDI Intake cleaner to make sure everything is clean as possible. If anyone runs a intake cleaner,  you can place plastic hose thru the manifold port where PCV would fit as it's perfectly placed in middle of manifold and should eventually disperse cleaner (see last pic thru throttle body)







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ONLY negative issue of this installation is that after mounting the catch can on the brake booster,  I started getting a vibration in the brake and gas pedals. After unmounting the can from booster, the vibration went away; so temporarily have it secured to upper rad hose as I need to find somewhere else to mount. After searching online, I have found other people experience this vibration as well. Fortunately, UPR stated they can send longer hoses, if needed, to relocate the catch can.


Doea anyone have a mounting location that would require drilling a hole? 


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