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Dealer lift installed wrong

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Hey all,


had the dealer install the OeM 2” trailboss lift on my ‘21 1500 silverado. It was looking short in the rear after i got it back. Finally had a chance to inspect it today and they put the blocks on top of the leafs….


can this cause any damage to the longer shock absorbers in the back or other suspension components? It looks like the jounce bumper only has 2-3” of clearance now after that larger spacer was installed.


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I wasted my money on this kit as well. 
the kit is listed as coming with new u bolts as they need to be longer and the old ones are stretched after originally torquing. 
Im now installing a 4” BDS lift and throwing out the “upgrade”. 
good luck!

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You didn't order the squatted kit? LOL I can't believe they were that dumb! I would get it fixed ASAP as you might be riding on the internal jounce bumpers on the shocks and it can wind up blowing the seals out.

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I’m sorry this happened to you, it’s ridiculous. I don’t want to laugh at your expense, but who the hell let that tech under your truck, or even in the shop for that matter? Friggin scary bad judgement and lack of understanding. There needs to be a performance evaluation immediately!

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  • 3 months later...

 So update to this mess:


they fixed the back end and slightly made it right financially (still not super stoked), but im now running into another potential issues with the install.


looks like the bolts for the front struts are cracking this fram theyre pressed against as shown in the pics. Does anyone have a pic of their front left fender? Is this normal or did they screw up again…



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I have the same OEM 2" lift on my 2019 RST.  I don't have the crack in the plastic from the strut bolt.  And My driver CV axle looked out just like yours, but not as much as yours.  It shouldn't be like that.  Dealer had to order a new snap ring for it.

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20 minutes ago, SilverBlahdo said:

Thanks! And is loose cv axel a tow to dealer issue or just drive it and drop off? @SilveradoRST

I drove it back but again mine was only slightly out of the front diff.  I would tow yours back just to be safe.  The whole situation sucks.  Sorry you have to deal with it.

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