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Hi, I have a 2014 Sierra and it’s been making this really loud rattle every time I hit a bump for a couple years now. Would’ve had it fixed by now if it weren’t for all the other, bigger issues that constantly pop up. I’ve always assumed it was my leaf springs, so I went ahead and replaced all the leaf spring isolators, and also went ahead and added a few of my own. I have a total of 8 isolators on each leaf spring and it still makes the noise. It sounds like a crappy old boat trailer going down the road at this point. I assume these are the original springs at almost 200k miles, but the fact that they still make the noise even with the isolators leads me to believe it may be something else. I’ve hammered and wiggled everything under there, but the only way to recreate it is to drive. If I need new springs, I’ll do that, but I figured I’d check and see if anyone else has had this problem and how they fixed it. I was able to mount my GoPro and get it on video, here’s the link YouTube link to video

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2 minutes ago, BO TIE 1 said:

Looks like your exhaust and your spare are bouncing around. Might want to check that. 

Yeah I noticed the spare tire as well. Got the handle for it out and made sure it way all the way up, which it was. As for the exhaust, when I was down there I did see that my hangers are quite literally hanging on for dear life. New ones have been ordered

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2 minutes ago, mjm-1957 said:

What about the bald tires? Looks like a well maintained truck.

Not quite sure what the intent of this comment was. The video makes them look balder than they really are, but they are getting there. I put a lot of miles on and keep it mechanic maintained. It goes in about every month and a half for an oil change and has recently received a brand new transmission, front diff, had the rear diff completely gone through, and *most* of the suspension replaced. I bought it used and it had a lot of problems, but it’s slowly getting there. Next on the list is body work. After some new tires of course 😉

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I'd say the spare tire, if you think it is tight (which in the video it is not), try letting most of the air out, then tighten it up as much as you can then air the tire back up to about 35 psi and then drive it.

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