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2003 center console jumper seat button mechanism repairable?

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I'm replacing the lid on my center console jumper seat. The lid is torn and cracked and the hinge is busted on the lid side. Unfortunately, the latching mechanism that the lid snaps into is also broken. The button on the top of the jumper seat does not release the latch without wrenching the lid around. Pressing the button, it feels mushy and like something is out of alignment or broken off inside. I'm going to try to pry up the plastic that is covering the mechanism and see what's what inside there.


I wanted to see if anybody has any experience with fixing this? I'm hoping I can get the new lid for ~100 from ebay and get this latch mechanism working again. If I can't, I'll have to get the whole jumper seat from my local auto recycler for ~250.


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Ok, I got the plastic cover off. That thing sure is stubborn. Here are some pics I took of the latch mechanism and a video of the little roller bar that prevents the lid from being opened when the seat is in the vertical position. It's a clever, low-tech solution.


Looks like I can clean up the latch and lube it up, put everything back together and it should be good to go. The wrenching the mechanism took doesn't seem to have left it any worse for wear. The system only has two springs, both of which appear to be fine. It think the button at one point became misaligned, and the previous owner never went about fixing it properly. Getting the button to align with the mechanism during reinstallation of the plastic cover will be tricky. I'll check in with how things turn out.


Pic - http://i.imgur.com/nvjIO.jpg


Video -

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