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I have a 2002 Silverado 2500 with a 6.0L. Does anyone know if a 1500HD or 2500HD hood will fit on the regular 2500 or if the inner components are different? I have been told various different answers and am looking to swap for the raised HD hood.

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    • By Black02Silverado
      I just thought I would post a poll to see how everyone uses their truck.  
      I'm sorry if the questions are vague or not quite clear.  
    • By Rclem7
      Hi guys, new here!  I have done a lot of research trying find a TPMS reset tool that will actually work with the thicker mud tires.  I bought one from Amazon, the JDiag model, which works fine on a friends 15' Silverado, but I can't get it to work on my 14' Sierra.  The only thing I think is keeping it from working is the fact I have the BFG AT KO2's which are a much beefier tire.  Has anyone had any luck resetting their sensors with this type of tire, or any other heavy duty tires like on the 2500/3500's?  If you did, which reset tool did you use.  I see a lot of people saying they can't reset their sensors, but now I wonder if the thicker tires is what's keeping us from doing so?
    • By hf352
      Selling my brand new track grill still in the box if anyone is interested.
      This custom made grille is an exceptional eye catcher that will be sure to get you many looks, stares, and compliments. The grill has the word duramax in it, therefore it more so compliments the Diesel engine.
        Grille is brand new, still in the box. Also comes with 2 light bars already installed; with wiring harness.

    • By regreed21
      So brought my truck to dealer to get skid plates put on. Asked them to remove the front air dam and they said the 2018's are no longer able to be removed. Anyone have pics of theirs removed or know how to remove it?
    • By SlidewayZ350
      New to this forum and need some insight. I recently picked up an 01 2WD 1500hd thinking the towing capacity was in the 9,000# range but after looking at the NADAguides it lists the 01 2wd model at 5000# max towing capacity. I purchased this thing used with 95k miles needing it to tow a LS swapped Nissan 350z to the drift track which weighs roughly 3500LBS on a flatbed car hauler weighing right around 2000LBS. Add a few sets of spare wheels, tools, and parts and I’m estimating I’ll be pulling around 6000-6500LBS total. The car is nearly finished and I’m looking to go to the track soon but now I’m second guessing my tow rig purchase. Is there anybody on here that can give me insight on how much they’ve pulled with an 01 2WD 1500HD? Looking at this NADAguides has me nervous, so any help on how much this thing will actually tow would be really appreciated. Not sure why the same year truck in 4WD configuration is listed at double the towing capacity...
      Thanks for any help!
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