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2014 K2XX Wheels Stolen/51 trucks


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How the hell?


Exactly, how did three people do all of that & nobody saw them? Even more curious how they are going to improve the grade of film, much? Just cannot imagine they could ever get it to the point of identifying anything.

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Check the local supply stores and find out who bought all those support blocks. They must have had an 18-wheeler to haul all that stuff away.


either that or a large Moving Truck; I bet the theives stole the tires and rims to sell online to quite possibly feed a drug addiction.

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TPW is not avaible till event code 3300


3100 Order Available to Sequence. Meaning is sitting in a order bank waiting for the plant to fit it in to their schedule.


3300 Order Selected and scheduled by Assembly Plant. Components are being ordered from suppliers and reserved for this vehicle. once in the pipeline, it will go to 3400.


3400 Order broadcasted. Loaded on production line computers. Vehicle build process is underway and locked in sequence to the end of the line.

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