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2014+ Intakes (CAI) & Air Filters

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I just installed the Airaid... When I first started my truck up.. the cooling fans kicked on... I have never heard this before. Truck was cold while I installed. So I shut it down... waited a few seconds and restarted... all was fine.. no fans kicking on. Went for a short drive...everything seemed ok. No codes or anything.


Anyone have any idea what would cause these fans to kick on like that?

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Did you have the AC or defroster on by chance? I hear mine kick the fans on at startup as well, HVAC might be doing that per BCM command to clear moisture from the interior.

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Are you guys disconnecting your battery before you install your CAI? I didn't .. maybe that is why my fans came on unexpected. I see where they say to disconnect the battery on the Airaid instruction, but just thought that was just a precaution. Until I read the Volant instructions.. they say do it so the computer can reset or re learn.


Anyway.. I did return the Airaid .. sound was a little too much, in addition I just couldn't get used to the open air design. I really feel like there needs to be cover over it.. even though the hood of the truck serves as a lid.


Just ordered a Volant ... which looks real sweet. We'll see how that goes.

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Came across this, is it old news? Anyone ordered it, have any info? No one has mentioned it and it has the best price of all the options for our vehicle. The $60 replacement filter is a turn off I've got to be honest..



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Ok.. I started with the Airaid intake last week on my 2014 GMC 5.3 .... I send it back a few days later. I really didn't feel comfortable with the "open air" design... and it was a little too loud for my liking.


So I tried the Volant intake system... it's actually about $70 bucks cheaper and a better design in my opinion. It draws air from the factory fender location.. plus the bottom. More places to pull air. It's a closed top.. and has a real good donaldson filter that is definitely the best out there.


So the review... overall I like it for now. The sound is maybe a little less vs the Airaid.. and a little different. Still a little more sound than I would like.. but I guess that's the way it has to be with all these CAI systems.


The instructions indicate 2 breather hoses .. but it only comes with 1 long hose that needs to be cut to fit. It also didn't have any clamps for holding on the breather hoses.. I assume they thought it wasn't needed (instructions did not indicate they were included as well) I decided to add some... just used some black tie wraps which is fine to insure they stay in place. The flemsey breather hose and lack of clamps is the only place where they fell short. The Airaid come with "OEM style" thick hoses and clamps.


There is another member that just got this system today.. look forward to his thoughts once installed..


cost is $300 shipped - http://store.newlevelmotorsports.com/155536.html



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