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2018 Navigation Map update - version number

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Has anyone else updated to the 2018 North America maps yet for the Navigation system for a 16-17 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon?


I was running 84131957 and the gm website said that if I had this version, there is a new update for 2018, part number 84360074.


I got the part number 84360074 on a USB stick, and I followed the instructions, started the update, and after about 50 minutes, it said "Update complete", but after it rebooted, it still showed the same version, 84131957, for my maps in the settings menu.


Shouldn't it have changed it to 84360074? The instructions say to do a search for Buffalo Wild Wings in Chicago, and if a particular address shows up in the POI, then the update was successful, which it did.


Anyone understand the updates and how the version numbers are supposed to work? Was this just some kind of incremental update for just POI's only and not the maps? The box cover says exactly "2018 Navigation System Map Update", so one would expect new maps are part of the package? Interestingly enough, the 2015 MY models have a different part number, so maybe that update included new maps as well? Just guessing here that maybe the maps themselves aren't updated for each map update?

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The Current version that is on sale now {Oct 10, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019} ($99.00) is the 2019 version that was released in 2018 and is [84524520 (2019) Version]  

*The standard MSRP is $159.99. Sales tax may apply. The $99.99 promotional price expires December 31, 2019. Offer is only valid and update is only compatible with the following vehicles: Chevrolet Colorado 2015, Chevrolet Corvette 2014–2015, Chevrolet Impala 2014–2015, Chevrolet Silverado 2014^–2015, Chevrolet Suburban 2015 and Chevrolet Tahoe 2015.

To place an order by phone, please call 1-866-347-6110.

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      Wait a few seconds and computer crashes and the radio volume elevates.
      How do we report this bugs to GM so, maybe they'll give a **** and try fixing them?

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