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Denali cluster in my 2017 High Country L5P

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Just got it back and installed in about 10 minutes. Thanks to White Auto & Media...works perfect.attachicon.gif80885B32-AE8D-4C78-A17B-E42E2452AFFB.jpeg

Everything function like stock? Cost?


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Everything function like stock? Cost?

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Yes..Works exactly as stock, no issues at all. I believe programming costs can vary based on options or if the cluster is new or used. Mine was new and cost $249.00 to program. I found the cluster on Ebay for $150.00 as it had a small scratch in the lens. I replaced the lens with a new lens for $129.00. If you email White Auto with your VIN they will give you the part number for the dash that will work in your truck.
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I have a 2017 3500 LTZ diesel, so I would assume similar to yours

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I would think so..My part # was 84201628. I don’t know if the High Country vs. LTZ would make a difference (highly doubt there is any difference). If you decide to do this I would email them to make sure before spending the money.
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Simple install. Literally took 10 minutes. The dash hood piece over the cluster pops off, has those little spring clips. Then 3, 7mm screws hold on the front outer plastic followed by 4, 7mm screws holding the actual cluster. Unplug the old one and plug in the new one and re-assemble. I went through all the options and everything works just like it should.

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Nope..He said he can do it on any configuration. Just need the same year dash as the one in your truck. Again, if you email him with your VIN he will give you the part number to search for.

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Could someone please give me their contact.I am really interested in this, I hope they can do it for Middle East spec cars. Thanks in advance.


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2 minutes ago, corwest said:

So I'm assuming he programs the cluster lights to be green instead of the red from gmc's?

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I can’t answer that but he’s good at responding to emails.  The GMC’s changed to blue in 2017 so mine matches regardless.

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    • By GTPprix
      We have had a few people remark that they would be interested in our expanded menu set for their FACTORY up level clusters whereas currently we offer it only as an add on for those retrofitting the up level cluster. Pricing would be under $100 for all of the menus (including Boost gauge for Diesel applications not featured in the video!) BUT would require you shipping your cluster to us. Those of you with the 4" color cluster can still get these menus when purchasing the Denali/High Country/Tech Package cluster upgrade.
    • By GTPprix
      The "NEW" WAMS Spec BCM is here! You asked for it; you got it! New features/options new "Choose your own adventure" ordering for only the options you want; we can't wait to see some videos of what you guys do with this!
       HINT: Uplevel trucks with Approach Lighting set to DRL and FOG only look A-MA-ZING.
      PS: Existing customers don't worry, we're happy to offer these new features to you at a no cost upgrade just please be patient as we work through the likely demand from existing owners
      You can see the full list of features but you may have to click one of the "root" options to see options below it. Wanted to add lots of new choices but keep it somewhat easy to navigate. 
    • By GTPprix
      This post has been replaced by a constantly updating part number list on our website, all of this information is now under that product/service on our website
    • By trucknewbie
      Hi all, I am a relatively new member to the forums and a first time truck owner. I've had my truck for about 2 years now and finally decided it was time to upgrade my baby. After months of researching, I decided to start off with a leveling kit, wheels, tires and rode on that for about 8000 miles before I saved up enough to do a lift. 
      As it stands, I decided to go with the 4 inch BDS lift kit with the fox shocks upgrade. I narrowed my choices to Fabtech and BDS after tons of reading on this forum and the conclusion I came to for the price points, BDS made more sense and appears to be more spot on with the suspension geometry. Given that I am no expert, I could be wrong on that, so definitely don't quote me. 
      The shop that did my install is an authorized BDS retailer and as a result, they prefer installing BDS kits on their trucks. One thing I noticed is that most people try to jump up to the coilovers right out of the gates in the name of preserving ride quality and Im here to say that you don't need to do that. Even the guy at the shop told me that it wasn't necessary to do and it doesn't guarantee that you will enjoy that ride quality. I was in that same boat until I decided to go ahead and try out what BDS has to offer before I spend more money on the kit itself.
      Ride Quality
      My experience of driving my truck pre-level and post-level - I felt no difference in the drive itself except some amount of additional harshness going over speed bumps. At that point, I expected that amount of harshness, in fact I expected worse based on reading what people had to say about how leveling kits ride. 
      My experience of driving my truck after going from the leveling kit to the 4" lift - the ride is absolutely beautiful. Having driven a friends Yukon Denali, I can say that the ride of the truck is slightly floaty on the road similar to how the denalis ride, yet still very connected (not sure if that makes sense to anyone else but me). I absolutely love the way the truck rides and I feel that it's on par with stock, if not a little more insulated with the added suspension travel that absorbs some of the bumps and imperfections of the road. As it stands, I have driven with the kit for about 450 miles thus far and I have zero intentions of adding the coilovers to the setup. (500 mile suspension re-torquing coming up soon)
      Another added point of comfort for me is if my ride quality does deteriorate for some reason and the coilovers become a necessity, getting rid of the front shocks is not like throwing away an expensive pair of shocks. I also potentially have the option of adding kings in the event I ever need to go down that route...
      I hope that for someone out there, this helps make a decision on the kits with the plethora of information available and I'm happy to answer questions about this lift.
      Daily Drivability
      With this being my first lifted truck and first truck to begin with, I was really concerned about how drivable the vehicle would be compared to stock. The only difference I notice regarding drivability is making a turn when the wheel is at full lock in either direction feels like there is more turning radius involved, but hasn't been an issue. The bed and the bed steps are still very reachable / usable - I'm 5'8". The sidesteps are a little bit taller to get up to than before but it's not a pain in the ass or to the point where I hate the truck or my decision - I'm going to be keeping an eye out for a good deal on articulating running boards from AMP or RBP eventually.
      For anyone who enjoys driving fast - I haven't felt powerloss in the vehicle, especially being that mine is a 6.2L. I did definitely notice that there are a few moments where shifts take longer, but Im sad to say I need to address an issue that involves the torque converter and creates a shudder when accelerating as though you're driving across rumble strips but that's a different topic for a different time. It drives fast, feels stable, and is fun as hell. 
      Fuel Economy Impact
      I honestly haven't had any impact on my fuel consumption since I began upgrading items on the vehicle. This might change over time, but as it stands I get about 20-22 MPG highway and a range of 13-16 MPG City based on traffic levels.
      Other Notes
      - 2017 GMC Sierra SLT Premium Plus Package with Z71 Package | 6.2L V8
      - Denali Cluster Retrofit
      - 33" Nitto Ridge Grapplers
      - SCA Performance 20x9 Black Widow Wheels | 0 mm offset
      - Blacked out emblems
      - Rough Country Tri Fold Bed Cover
      - GM Borla Exhaust with Dual Outlets (There's actually a tilt downward in the exhaust because the dealer failed to correctly install them with the appropriate hangers to the frame - going to be corrected soon) 
      - Black Chrome Exhaust Tips 
      - Rear Wheel Spacers soon to come (BDS lifts push the front track width out, I want to even out the stance)
      - AMP Research power steps soon to come
      - Cold Air Intake soon to come

    • By GTPprix
      So as many of you know we completed most of our initial K2XX development on one of the very first production salable Yukon Denali's at launch of the K2XX SUV's. This continued with each minor iteration including another 2016 Yukon Denali for new feature integration and into other platforms with shared architecture from there on out.
      That said it was time to return to our roots back to K2XX but this time with something different ;)

      Say hello to our new 2018 Sierra Denali development vehicle! (and no we did not park it like this lol) 
      We will be using this vehicle relatively short term to finish some of the specific functions/features that have been requested but we were unable to fully test (we do not release anything we have not fully vetted in a long term test vehicle) so this should allow for some hopefully exciting new offerings.
      Heres what we've done so far that may interest you guys (not listing the cosmetic stuff :))
      -HMI Full Unlock, Video in Motion from USB, Nav Entry in motion, Vehicle config in motion, Rear Camera in motion
      -Rear camera in motion thank to @pgamboa's fantastic super easy plug and play harness (and the above programming)
      -Remote start run time extended to 20 Minutes per Cycle (40 minutes total). 
      -Fogs with High beams WITH Auto High Beams - Fogs work in BOTH modes. Those of you with Intellibeam know that simply pressing the fog lamp button kills the auto high beam function completely on a factory truck. 
      We have other things we are working on as well that are Truck specific as well such as cargo lamps available at all times (in motion etc).
      Some of this will directly translate to T1XX Trucks as well and we have done quite a bit on those as well, we will likely grab a T1XX SUV for development in 2020 as well. 
      Stay tuned as we are going to have a lot of fun with this thing!! 
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