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GM under investigation for faulty brake vacuum pumps


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I have a 2015 Silverado and experiencing hard brake pedal at low speeds. Almost hit a car in bumper to bumper traffic. Took it in to be checked and the brake vaccum needs to be replaced. Already replaced the brake booster last year for this same issue. I am pissed  because no chevy dealership will sell me the pump, keep saying they are back ordered or reserved for customers. Tried after market part and it wasn't a match. This is some BS how am I to get my truck fixed if the part isn't available, and no recall. Seriously! I dont even know how this is allowed. I even tried to order the part and their is a waiting list and no date on when part will be available. What am I supposed to do?

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I have a 2015 Chevy Silverado. I have took my truck into dealer 3 times to get a diagnosis on it. In March was the first time I took it in due to problems with the brakes. One day I pulled in to order food, the brakes locked (felt that way), service on the stallibrake showed up on the Panel, ABS pop up also, I had to pull over, turn engine off and wait about 30 minutes, turned it back on and was able to make it home safe. I don’t know anything about auto but I knew it wasn’t feeling normal they checked it and charged me 125 and could not diagnose anything on the truck. They gave me back the truck and I continued to use it. I don’t use it much only on the weekends but still continued to drive it. The second time was in August 2019, still having the same symptoms as first time but know it felt like it got worse, every time the gears would shift the truck would tug a little so, I took the truck once again. This time I told them they needed to recheck on the brakes cause the issue was still there and if they could maybe check on the transmission( I explained to them what I felt). Truck was with them for about 3 days, called me said the truck was ready, went to pick it up and paid another 125 and they said the only thing they could diagnose was a leak in the seal in back tire, nothing wrong with brakes and transmission was a-ok. Again, took truck home. Here in The first week of November I took it yet again due to check engine light on and truck not going over 40 mph. Still same symptoms as first and second time now with check engine light on. The dealer had my truck for about a week and a half with no response on what was going on with the truck. During the time it was at the dealer I received 2 letters with 2 recalls. I called frustrated to get some answers. The tech told me, “give me 30 mins)”. Well I sure did get a call within that time frame with an “oh it’s your transmission, it’s out. It will be $4900 to get it fixed. What would you like to do”. So now am stuck with a truck that has been going to the dealer to get checked and no answer with 2 recalls and a transmission that needs replacement. Is it my fault, dealers, or the make and model of this truck? And will the vacuum pump cause issues to the transmission if I continue driving it??? Need help.

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