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First Truck Mod Recommendations

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9 hours ago, dukedkt442 said:

Mods?  Here's what you do: don't drop a single dime on the truck for 10k miles and see if you like the truck enough to keep it.  My '17 pissed me off enough that I tossed it after 12k miles, losing the money on tint and rear seat storage that I'll never get back.  Let the truck settle in and see if if you need to deal with any common issues before burning good money.


And for the love of Warren Buffet don't void your warranty, you're gonna need it!!!! 

Probably the best advice on the whole thread...  I just got mine and are having a hard time resisting the urge to do anything to it just yet.  10k miles is a little much for me, I can tell alot sooner if I want to keep a vehicle or not, but this is some great advice.

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