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19 Silverado TrailBoss V6:

Several times now the truck stalled out when in park and idling. I try to restart and it turns over but won't start, take the key out and try again a couple minutes later and it works but the check engine light is on. 

Prior to this starting, last week while driving 60mph on highway the truck shuddered/shook a few times and the check engine light came on. 

OBD reads out P16AF & P16A7 as the error codes. 

Dealership said they ordered a new part...anyone having issues like this?

Also, still no fix on the backup camera glitching out. Someone is gonna get hurt and GM has been made aware and I filed it with NHTSA. No fix yet...

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    • By Tom_1991
      When traffic light turns green, I kicked the throttle pedal, finally, this time, I got the power that a 454 supposed to give me, I almost cried.
      1994 Chevy Suburban Silverado K2500
      454 L19 TBI
      153K miles
      Months ago, I posted several topic (2 or 3) about it stall and knock sound under the floor, while cruising on highway.
      Well, the "highway" include GGB (Golden Gate Bridge).🤣
      94' 454 stall while driving and knock sound under the cab
      94'454 stall again, after change fuel pump
      Take note that I am actually completely a newbie, new driver (2 years), new vehicle owner, and new to America.
      So maybe some thing in my topic is wrong, but I don't tend to misleading.
      Shattered catalyst
      After the GGB stall, I found its power is weaker than before, and sounds like the exhaust is blocked, and when drive next to a vehicle or wall, I can hear air bleeding sound.
      Then got MIL code 32, EGR, however I can't find any problem on EGR system. This 454 engine use Linear EGR system, the valve is controlled by ECM directly, no vacuum pipe. 
      I tried to remove air filter, to make it performs better, then find the blocked-exhaust sound become louder.
      Then one day the stall happened again, I found the knock sound sounds more like opening a soda can.
      So I visited a muffler stop, turns out the catalyst is shattered, quite big loss. 😅
      Since I don't have enough money for a catalyst, and it may be shattered again, so I asked them to put a steel pipe instead as a temporary manner.
      After that, the compressed air sound is disappeared, the blocked-exhaust sound is lighter but still there, and the performance is better but still weak.
            So shattered catalyst blocked exhaust, caused air bleeding sound.
            And caused extremely high pressure in EGR system, too much exhaust injected into intake manifold when EGR is open, caused ECM think EGR have problem, light MIL and sending code 32.
      Fired chip in ICM (ignition control module )
      The last time it stalls, at a quiet place, I finally figured it out that it feels and sounds like wrong timing, and when press throttle pedal, it back fires, and the harder press the pedal, the louder the sound is, very loud. And when it back fires, I can feel shock on throttle pedal.
      I told this to my mechanic, he told me to replace the ICM. He said back to old days, he replaced many of it.  He suggested me to purchase new one, because it's cheap, even from ACDelco, and this thing usually break down for years parked vehicles, vehicles in junk yard usually parked for years.
      I opened the metal cover of old ICM, find one of chips is black, oil or something around it is dark brown, the metal cover supposed to be glued to the plastic shell, but the gap near the black chip is open, so it's clear that the chip was exploded.
      After I changed the module, 3K+ miles so far, including 2 round trip from San Jose to Yosemite, stall never happened, I think the stall problem is officially solved.
            So the broken ICM caused wrong timing, and stall.
            "Knock sound" is actually backfire, the exhaust is under floor, so I felt it's knock sound under floor.
            Back fire caused huge pressure burst in exhaust, then transferred to intake manifold and throttle body via EGR system, caused shock on throttle pedal. Thank god this didn't ignite the gas-air mixture, or my trouble gonna be bigger.😂
      Wrong base timing
      That's NOT all folks!
      I found it still very weak, on I680, the climb at east of Fremont, it even can't maintain 60MPH!  WTF?🙄
      At this time, what I have done on it:
          Fueling system:
              New Delphi fuel pump, capable of over 60PSI;
              New fuel filter, ACDelco;
              Fuel injector, tested and cleaned;
              Fuel pressure regulator, changed new spring, 30PSI;
          Air intake system:
              New air filter, ACDelco;
          Ignition system:
              Distributor cleaned;
              New ICM, ACdelco;
                  Full assembly of distributor and ICM from junk yard as spare part.
              New spark plugs, wires and ignition coil, ACDelco.
          Cylinder pressure: I forgot reading, but within normal range.
      I pulled out the distributor for cleaning and ICM change reason, but when I put it back, I tried to find the timing mark. However, only engine block have the mark, the distributor don't have mark from factory, only a mark made by the ex-owner's mechanic, and it turns out it's wrong.
      So I tried to do base timing. I borrowed ignition timing light from my mechanic. But I can't find the "timing connector". At that time, I thought cold start and idle is running at base timing. So you guess it, runs over 20 degree ******.
      Then one day, I read my shop manual carefully, find out cold idle is NOT base timing, and only when the "timing connector" disconnected, the engine runs at base timing.
      However I can't find the connector, then after some dig on internet, I finally find it: inside the cab, passenger side, by the side of the blower motor, a single pin connector, tan with single black stripe lead, that's it. It's a bit far from "adjacent to the distributor".😓
      Then I borrowed the timing light again,  do the base timing, hit the road again, the result, on I680, maintain 70MPH easily, like I write at beginning of this topic, I almost cried!
      Just recently days, it  even reached over 90MPH when climbing! Yeah it's speeding too much, but you know the traffic flow on highway is a bit crazy after reopen, probably due to people lock in their home for too many days.
      So That's all folks, I currently focus on renew my truck camper, including solar panel, painting, bathroom convention, jack system rebuilt, then maintenance on the 1996 Ford F250xl, 350 engine, and convert to dually, create a "FAKE F350". 😂
      Then come back, I found the A/C compressor is dead, my mechanic suggested me to get one from junk yard, because most of them from car part shop are rebuild in China, you know what, even I am Chinese, I always avoid "China".🙄
    • By Carissa
      Hey everyone,
      I have a 2017 Chevy Silverado 1500.
      I bought it in April of last year and it has been miserable.
      I visited the dealership more times than i can count and some problems still are happening.
      The main problem is my truck shutting off.
      In  Early September, I noticed as i was driving my radio would go black, then as i would tap my breaks everything would shut off and turn back on. As this happens, the stabilitrak light comes on, my truck stalls (sometimes) steering wheel locks and starts shaking. Now this happens everyday when i drive it.  Go to the dealership they say it is a corroded wire, they take care of it and send me on my way.
      December of 2019 my truck starts doing the EXACT same thing, except now i can't even do anything but shift my truck into park and restart it, every small touch on the brake shuts my truck off. Now i live in the mountains, and we have a lot of hills. Imagine driving a blacked out truck in the middle of the night on a hilly road with no lights and your truck completely cuts out. It was sketchy. I go to the dealership, ONCE again. They replaced a WHEEL BEARING. Saying it caused the issue. tf... To my surprise the truck has been fine.
      Fast track to June, present day. Drive my truck for a half hour or more, the problem is back. Now i am pissed. My boyfriend and myself do research and we found a youtube video about GM trucks and problems with G218. All the exact problems to  a T! i brought it to the dealership this morning, they refuse to do anything until the truck signals any of these problems. Instead of popping open the dashboard to even just look. It has been 6 hours and now they are keeping it overnight. 40 minutes from where i live.. 
      I am pissed. I did my homework and presented it to them, thought they had listened but apparently not.
      From how it seems, i am not the only problem having this issue with 2014+ older GM trucks. Everyone keeps saying this needs to be a recall but the dealerships WILL NOT listen. I know people on this forum who have spent thousands on diagnosis's for their trucks to just have them messed around with.
      Anyone else having this issue? I would love for my boyfriend to just fix it but then it voids my warranty. 
      How the hell do we get GM to acknowledge this and make it a recall. I am by far not the only person having this issue. 
    • By Ja-Rod
      Hey all I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to my ordeal? So I have a 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3 V8. It only has 1500 miles on it and we just pulled our camper with it which only weighs 4500#. It pulls fine doesn't squat much and I use a weight distribution hitch. We took it to the campsite unhooked and I parked the truck. The next morning I started up the truck and the service engine light came on. After about 5-6 starts it cleared and is no longer on. It seemed to drive fine even when the check engine light was on. I'm wondering if me parking the camper going forward and reverse a few times made the gas mileage so bad it triggered the warning light?
    • By Dgs000
      2007 Silverado 5.3 V8 with AFM with 180,000 miles
      Truck had lifter ticking sound and white smoke upon every start up which would go away after a few minutes, no check engine light
      Replacement list :
      - headgasket
      - valve gaskets
      - upgraded drivers side valve cover
      - valve stem seals
      - intake manifold gasket
      - exhaust manifold gasket
      - 8 new afm lifters
      - 8 new non-afm lifters
      - head gasket bolts
      - engine coolant temperature sensor
      - spark plugs
      - spark plug wires
      - fuel injectors
      - water pump
      - thermostat
      - cam sensor
      - crank sensor
      After completion of engine reassembly no longer had white smoke upon start up and no ticking sound but flashing check engine light code p0300.
      Code p0300 was for cylinder #1, #4, & #7
      Moved coil packs between cylinder #1 and #2 to see if coil packs was bad but no change. Set engine at TDC before installing the rocker arms. 
      All bolts have been properly torque and no parts have been left unplugged or uninstall.
      Any possible advice would be helpful 
    • By Tom_1991
      Golden Gate Bridge, what a perfect place to have your vehicle stalls on.  😂😂
      This is not the 1st time it stalls, see:
      94' 454 stall while driving and knock sound under the cab
      Before this fault down, I have changed the fuel pump (thanks to <riverbanks>), the original one is weak, I can easily block the fuel pipe with thumb, I think it is almost fail. Changed a new one, very strong, I can't block the fuel pipe with thumb.
      Model= 1994 Chevy Suburban K2500 Silverado
      Engine= 454 TBI
      Transmission= AT
      Fault down des. :
          Location= Veterans Blvd. tunnel NB, Golden Gate Bridge(GGB) NB, Alexander Ave. NB, Calif.;
          Transfer case pos.=2H
          Coolant temp.= around 210(heated up), normal operation temp., enough;
          Engine Oil= normal pressure, enough, just changed (incl. filter);
          Trans. oil= enough, just changed(incl. filter);
          Fuel= enough, #87 from Chevron or Shell, I only fuel my vehicles in these 2 brand, I've burnout old fuel, now is new fuel in tank;
          Symptom= engine stall, hear knock sound from under the cab.
              Veterans Blvd. tunnel: attempt to shift to N then crank, crank no start, stop on drive way (no emergency stop area) shift to P, crank, start, shift to D(O/D Off), continue the road.
              GGB: multiple time of stall, after some times of stall, found the engine sounds like intake or exhaust jammed, and very weak power.
              Alexander Ave.: stall when down hill with O/D off, but back normal later.
              Inspection at break down site: Air cleaner is okay, filter is new, fuel pump relay contact is okay.
              Inspection at home : OBD scanner get DTC 54 and 32.
      Current status=sounds like intake or exhaust jammed, and power is weak; when drive next to a wall or something, can hear the sound like bleed pressure of a tire, this sound can't be heard when the vehicle is not moving.
      I gonna check ignition system, incl. distributor, coil, spark plugs and wires, to check if there are any bad contact, but I suspect bad contact can't cause this problem.
      I am afraid one more thing have broken while on GGB .😂😂
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