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2001 Silverado Dome light will not turn off!

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Ok experts, my son needs your help. He just bought his first truck, a 2001 Silverado 5.3 LT 2WD. We are going through it an fixing some small issues. Well there is one small issue that is driving us crazy! The dome light didn't have a bulb. So when we put one in and the dome light will not go out. The two side markers in the door panels were missing bulbs and when we installed those, the same thing happens. We watched some many youtube videos on this and are not sure what to do next. The map lights do not come on when the doors are open but turn on and off with the switches. We read how the dome light sensors are in the door lock mechanism and did some trouble shooting. When we open each door, the security light blinks. When we close the doors, it stops. We tried each door individually to make sure it there wasn't a stuck switch. So it's seeing the doors open and close which should turn on the dome lights. It seems like if a switch was stuck closed and caused the light to stay on, them when we shut the door, the security light would blink as it thinks the door is open, but that's not happening. Any ideas? We are stumped. 8-( Thanks!  Give me the old pins style door switch any day.

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I found the relays courtesy relay late last night.  Those buggers were hidden under a plastic cover.  I took the dome light relay out and the light turned off.  There is another relay below it and that I removed and it didn't turn off the lights.  Inadvertent power control relay is what it is called.  In the wiring diagram, it is showed as part of the circuit dome light circuit.  When I read another trouble shooting thread a guy said the lights went out when he pulled either of these.  My lights only went out when I pulled the courtesy lamp relay.  I'm going to pull another relay and try it there.  I have the door panels off and am trying to figure with switches to jump out to get the light to turn off.  I know the dome light switch is built into the door latch. 

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4 hours ago, hexumaz said:

May be a silly question, but does turning the instrument cluster dimmer all the way down have any effect? And does the dome light override button work?

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Actually, I found a 2001 Silverado and took off a bunch of parts so I could try that.  I used a different headlight switch, different Body power control unit, and am trying to figure out which door switches to jump out to see if it goes off.  I also have different door latches to try as the door light switch is in there too.  Even switched relays.  The dimmer switch dial only adjusts brightness of the gauge lights only if I remember right, not the dome lights.  The door light defeat switch doesn't turn them off either.  It's crazy weird.

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