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For the people who do their own oil changes I made a custom 3d printable funnel.

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I got tired of needing to hold the funnels upright while I pour a 5 quart jug of oil into the engine so I made a custom funnel for my 2016 Sierra with the 5.3L engine so it will perfectly fit the hole and stay upright without needing to hold it. Below is a video of how it works and what it looks like along with the link to the files so you can download and print yourself one if you are interested.




Link to files needed to 3d print your own.


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file downloaded! this is awesome! i tried having the L82 extended funnel added to my K2 silverado a while back but it never sat right and i removed it. At my workplace we have oil go through some metered flow guns and i have no need for a funnel usually but this is such an awesome idea i figured i just had to have it. props man! 

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