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No Shift indicator; no crank

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So i had to change my starter about a year ago and over the last few months every other start there would be a grind noise almost. The noise was as if the starter was loose but it wasnt. I was able to continue to start it until finally it the starter wouldn’t engage. Nothing to it all. So my boss helped me decide that I just needed a new starter Even though i just replaced it not even a year ago. As i was changing starter somehow I managed to rip the wiring out lf the harness for the crankshaft position sensor so it wouldn’t crank at all without that working properly so i ended up getting the harness off our black truck at the farm and that part should be good now but now i am not showing up any indicator on my gears but shifter is working i was under the truck while i had someone shift and its moving the cable and the selector and 

Without it showing a gear or to be in Park it wont  Crank what can I do

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I'm assuming you have a 6.0l/4l80e in your 2500 classic, and if so, know that the transmission is electronically controlled, so it needs both the shifter cable (what you checked), as well as an electrical connector properly connected to the TCM for the transmission to function properly.


It sounds like you may have done more damage than you think to your wiring harness, as the gear indicator in the IP is electronically set (as in the TCM knows what gear you are in, and communicates to the IP [possibly via other computers] what gear you have selected).


You might want to get a good code reader (I would suggest a knockoff tech-ii or something like autogenuity w gm enhancement), that can talk to all the computers in your truck, to help sort out where the problem is.


Finally, I would suggest also examining the flexplate, as if the starter has been grinding for awhile, the flexplate may be damaged from the grinding, or possibly broken.

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After I bought my '04 Sierra 6 years ago, I bought Autogenuity w GM enhancement, as it could talk to all the computers, and also do diagnostic and testing procedures, such as pulsing the abs computer for bleeding it, and it has worked well for me for figuring out engine problems.  But now, if I were to start over, I'd by a knockoff tech-ii, with the programming interface (I think it's the MDI interface, but I'm not sure on that), as I'd give reprogramming my truck a try (I added 4wd to it, and I wanted to get the 4x4 indicate in the IP to light up, which requires reprogramming the IP).


I also bought the paper version of the full-service manual.  The online version is likely better (yay hyperlinks, as there's a lot of jumping around from section to section to fix most things), but I really don't like using a computer while my hands are all oily/greasing working on the truck.


Try to look at the center of the flexplate, to see if it's cracked at all.  If you have an inspection camera, that probably would work the best, but even using your phone camera to record a video while you pry a bit on the flexplate may show if it's cracked.  You might also try turning the engine a bit by prying on the flexplate teeth.  You might also verify that the starter gear goes out far enough to properly engage the flexplate.

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Its funny you mention about the 4x4 drive indicator I just had a new transfer case put on about 2 or 3 months ago and i can only shift into 4lo that’s the only time the indicator for 4x4 pops up when i try 4hi the light doesn’t come on and the actuator doesnt engage… also would brake shift interlock keep from gear indicator working if there was to be a problem with it 

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Having rebuilt a couple of NP261HDs, from what I recall of how it works, there's a plate that rotates based on what mode it's in (2wd, 4hi, n, 4lo), and it has notches that push in the 4wd sensor (there's 2 sensors, one for 2wd/4wd, the other for hi/lo).  Given that it's working for 4lo, you might try removing the 4wd sensor, cleaning it and the mounting surface on the TC to make sure it's fully screwed in.  You might also test it with a ohmmeter shifting between 2wd/4hi/4lo.

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and the sensors are on TC? It’s manual stick just thought I would add that. Ive been having hell finding a code reader. And now my battery is pretty much drained im in the process of getting new battery 

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