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tonneau cover keeping grab handle


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Looking for recommendations for tonneau cover of any variety for 2021 Sierra CC short bed that allows me to keep grab handle inside bed.

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You mean the fold-out handle for climbing in the back?


If so, the handle is installed in mine, under a RetraxOne Mx. 

Handle was removed during installation of track/rail  for the cover and reinstalled after.

The mount for the handle does appear to be touching the bottom edge of the track/rail. 

I suppose the handle mount could be spaced out a little, but it was not on this installation. 


Mine is a standard box.

I don't know if there are differences in the  mount location on a short box that would make this not work. 

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I have the GM branded retraxone MX, and I did not have to remove the folding grab handle.  I have a crew cab chevy with the short box.


My Brother has an AT4, Crew Cab Short box, and he has the $329 one (Part number 19416979)  Fits over the folding grab handle, and he didn't remove his either.  

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I have the GM Accessory Tri-Fold (Rev Ind) cover and it does not interfere with the box entry assist handle.  I chose the GM because I did not want have to install it.  Its a good looking cover and works great for what I need.

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I have the Gator EFX hard folding cover and have no issues with the grab handle. I find that I never use the handle and may just remove it anyway.




If you find a coupon code, you can save 20% or so, or pull up the chat window and they will discount your purchase, especially of you are buying multiple items..

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On 9/27/2021 at 5:35 AM, reno360 said:

I had the Bakflip MX4 installed originally and removed it and replaced it with the Retrax Pro and both retained the grab handle.  Both had pros and cons but I really like the Retrax Pro.

Not sure if you're still around, but would you be willing to share why you did the swap and why you like the Retrax Pro better?

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One of the reasons I switched to Retrax was because it's not necessary to open tailgate to open or close the cover.

It's also not necessary to open the cover to open/close the tailgate. 


Cover can be locked part way open if desired.

Cover does not block view to the rear when it is open.


I've moved the cover from the '21 to the '23.  

I don't use the grab handle, but kept it installed in both trucks.

(From years of habit I still use the corner step while holding onto the stake pocket)



Downside often commented about is that the box that it rolls into takes up space at the front of the box.


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