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Lifter/cold start tick

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I don't post here a lot but wanted to give you some info on my lifter ticking situation. Last year I had my oil pump go out (03 1500HD 6.0) and I had it replaced with a melling pump. After this happened every time I started my truck after sitting overnight it would make all kinds of ticking noise until the oil got pumped up to the top. It would quiet down in 5-10 seconds. I read that the problem is when the pump was installed they (mechanic) tore an O-ring which causes this problem. I could live with this but shortly after the oil pump change I would get a lifter tick while driving on the highway after 5-10 miles. I always use mobil 1 and good filters and after experimenting with oil additives and such I could not get that tick while driving to go away. From what I read the oil was getting aerated from the torn o-ring and I came to the conclusion this was causing my lifter tick on the highway.


So, what I found to fix the lifter tick while driving and also reduce the cold start ticking was some German oil I had left over after selling my wifes Audi. I used Pentosin 5w40 in her Audi and it is made for turbo cars and is spec for VW 502.xx. After this oil change the cold start tick is down to only a couple of seconds and is not as loud and I have not had any lifter tick while driving even after towing over 200 miles. Another thing that got better was my oil pressure, it seemed to stay steady and not fluctuate as much with the mobil 1.


This is just my observation and is not intended to promote any oil. I have read so many threads from frustrated guys like myself who do not like engines to make noise they are not supposed to make.

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