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Need help with transmission safety neutral switch

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5.3L 4x4



So I swapped out my engine and transmission for newer ones, because they were both going. I get everything back in and hooked up, which took 3 weeks, and now when I turn the key on and try to go through all the gears, it works fine for Park through Neutral, but Drive, 3, 2, and 1 do not pop up on the cluster (they do not have the square around them). Since I had to replace the top pigtail harness that hooks up to the Backup/ Neutral Safety Switch (BNSS), I went back to make sure I wired it properly. I tryed flipping the two green wires that are the same color, but it does the same thing. My question, rather questions, are:


1) Does it matter which green wires hook up to where (on the top pigtail harness with 7 pins)?

2) Is it a possibilty that the BNSS is bad?

3) If there are any other suggestions, please throw them out there because I'm trying to get this truck done. All I need is this to work properly



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