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DFW Differential Shop Help

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Hey ya'll


I'm currently in Bahrain supporting the military so hopefully my local Texas buds can help me out.


I'm wanting to re-gear my truck to 4.88s before the Blackbear is in town on 12th of Oct. I need a few good shops around the Mckinney/380 area. I need the shop to be close to this area because I'll have to rely on my friend to take the truck in for service since I'm overseas.


Obviously I want to find the best value but a trustworthy and honest shop/person is very important to me.


If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it.

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This is in North Fort Worth but call Jason at Texas Drivetrain Performance. He's very fast, reasonable, and good. No gear whine. He did 4.56s in my Jeep a few years ago and they were silent. http://www.texasdrivetrainperformance.com/ He's also done pinion bearings in my camaro.

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