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2004 Denali Battery Drain



Our 2004 GMC Denali has a battery drain that causes it not to start after it sits more than a day. I hooked my Fluke multimeter in line with the battery cable after it sat overnight to let the unit power down. I show a 1.3 amp draw on the system. I removed each relay and fuse in both fuse boxes with no change. I also unhooked the after market DVD and the alternator with no change.

What could be pulling amps that is not connected to either the fuse box under the hood or the one on the side of the dash?

We have only owned this a few months and it started about a month ago. I replaced the battery as the old one failed a load test, but the new battery does the same thing.

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What's the resistance reading between a disconnected positive battery cable and vehicle ground?

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