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I agree! I'm not a big fan of the dropped look and big wheels either, but that truck is smokin' hot! 
The wide wheels in the rear give the appearance that the truck is tubbed. Pro-street. 
Hey, a tubbed Silverado would be cool!
Not only gives the appearance it's tubbed , it appears to BE tubbed.
I dig it the truck. I like them high and I like them low. Lower the better.

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Had the shop swapped out my 5gendyi headlight harness (2014 Silverado LT to 2016-18 Silverado LTZ HEADLIGHTS) for @pgamboa https://harnessdr.com/product/14-15-1500-all-trims-16-18-1500-all-trims-headlight-conversion-harness/


factory style headlight harness ? ?!!!! Finally I can roll with my parking lights and fogs without the headlights coming on!!!!! 

5gendyi harness off and @pgamboa installed 


For sell 5gendyi harness for 2014/15 Silverado LT to 2016-18 LTZ 


Phil’s harness let’s you have parking lights with fog lights on without headlights turning on!



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Gorgeous looking rig...High Country ?  Are those Bridgestone stock 22”’s ?  I’ve never driven with them on my 2018 Sierra Denali.  How do they do in the snow ?

Thanks sir!

Yessir, stock wheels and tires. They do well... it’s a beast in the snow but my prior car was FWD with 300hp. Lmao.
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3 hours ago, Shaun1720 said:



You got way more snow that we did.  BUT, there's more on the way, or so I've heard.  The only snow around here was whatever the wind blew out of Tehachapi and melted before hitting the ground.  From what I heard, some of it even blew into Edwards AFB, same results.

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23 hours ago, cstmg8 said:

Have you done any fuel system mods for e85 at 600? I have the sensors but was afraid it'd starve on e85.

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Dhaze 83..Sorry , I missed it ... how did you get to 600hp? What are your spec, mods engine size ... what forum page so I can get inspiration for my Silverado ... dam supercharger or what ?

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Washed the truck yesterday, also had my buddy with his truck, both are 2014 Silverado LT both have 24x14 with 37sEED0C44C-ED4C-4B90-A65A-CD876B422F14.thumb.jpeg.e5a738582460539921933d64a3c9e6e5.jpeg





Posers.... mines all dirty[emoji31][emoji24]

It's going to be 60 here tomorrow you know what I'll be doing


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29 minutes ago, dieselfan1 said:

Posers.... mines all dirtyemoji31.pngemoji24.png

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Lol he liked my truck so much, he lifted and bought  24x14s 😂 for his. Definitely stands out when we park next to other cars and trucks

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On 12/31/2020 at 2:14 PM, JimCost2014 said:

Great looking truck!!!


I am very biased when it comes to this model though, so much I made a club for us very wise owners here on the site.


On 12/31/2020 at 7:21 AM, rremesal said:

My 2018 Centennial.7e039d5ab1476c88e17d2eed4b6a2b41.jpgc57615b2b577c79d0005425fb38d8fef.jpg

What size tires do you have on here? And also do you have a lift/leveling kit? If so can you tell me which one? 


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